The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1217

chapter 1217

“Leave then.” Pearl looked up. “I’m not like your Sandy. I won’t lower myself to make you happy.”

Tanner grabbed her by her chin. “You keep bringing her up. Are you jealous?” He inched forward. “Jealous that she’s cleaner than you or that she’s pregnant with my child?”

Pearl had heard all the negative things about her, but these words hurt her more than any of them. Even if she didn’t care, they still hurt. She was finally numb to them, but Tanner was the one who kept walking all over her numb heart.

Her eyes were dead and hollow, as if there was no soul behind them. She was quiet.

Tanner noticed something and pressed his palm to his cheek. “I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean that.”

He hugged her and gave her a little squeeze. “ Let’s start all over again.”

Pearl melted in his arms, but her eyes looked away, and she smirked. “Don’t you love Sandy? How could you start all over again with me?”

Tanner frowned and didn’t answer.

Pearl removed herself from his hug. “A dirty woman like me will never be as pure as Sandy. Weren’t you trying to avoid this as much as possible? What’s wrong? You’ve changed your mind after just one night?”

He stared at Pearl, her eyes filled with mockery.

He didn’t like that. He didn’t like how she stared at him and hated how prickly she was. Only last night did she show that she had feelings, that she could be hurt, could cry, could feel fear.

Tanner held her cheeks and kissed her.

Pearl clenched her jaw, annoyed because it was so easy for him to get to her. she bit his lips, and he retracted as the smell of blood oozed out.

She pushed him away and was going to run, but Tanner still held her in his arms. She yelled, “Tanner Hannigan, let me go—”

He threw her down on the couch, pulled his tie, and then dropped it to the floor.


Sandy was preparing some snacks at his place. She heard the doorbell ring and excitedly ran over to open the door, but her face dropped the moment she did.

A man grabbed her by her face, which made her lose her balance and knocked her forehead on the wall.

The man grabbed her by her long hair, and she screamed out in pain, but two other men closed the door and stood guard outside.

“Lenny, please give me more time, I beg you!” Sandy said frantically.

Lenny, who was grabbing her by her hair, smiled and tightened his grip. “I’ve given you enough time. I haven’t seen any of the $ 450,000 in the past half a year.”

He pulled out a knife and lightly grazed her face with it. Her teeth chattered, which made Lenny smile. “What’s wrong? You’ve gotten Mr. Hannigan. Can’t he give you $450,000?”

Sandy was shaking from head to toe, and her tears were rolling down her cheeks. “No, I… I’m not a Hannigan yet, but don’t worry, I’m pregnant now. Once I give birth to my son, the Hannigans will give you any amount! ”

Lenny chuckled and let go, but he immediately kicked her, and she bumped into the wall, she subconsciously grabbed her belly when she fell down, but the sudden sharp pain turned her face ashen. “Ah!”

Lenny twirled his knife and squatted down in front of her. “Do you think I’m an idiot?

You’re not even married to him, but you’ve already changed your number and moved away. My boss puts me in a tough spot because of your debt daily, and sometimes I even get beaten up.

“Listen, Sandy. You’re not going to have a good life if I have a tough one. I know you well enough. When you marry into the Hannigans, you’ll pretend that you don’t know me. Hah! I’m giving you three days.”


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