The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1219

chapter 1219

Tanner pulled his hand away and calmly asked, “What happened?”

Sandy was stunned, and then a tear rolled down her cheek, looking delicate. “Would you believe me?”

Tanner looked at her.

She propped herself up meekly. “It… it was Ms. Santiago, she didn’t want me to have this child, so she sent someone to beat me up and caused the miscarriage.

Tanner was still silent.

Sandy sobbed. “It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have gone back to you. I shouldn’t have dreamed of becoming your wife. My poor child. He hasn’t been born and hasn’t seen the world yet, but he has already left. Tan, I’m so sad I don’t want to live anymore.” Tanner rolled his eyes and helped her lie down. “Take a rest, don’t be silly.”

“Tan,” Sandy looked at him, “Would you leave me now that our child is gone? I’ve lost my son, so I only have you left.”

Tanner looked at her calmly. She was still the woman he loved, the delicate woman who needed his protection, but he could no longer be sure whether her love and delicate state were real.

After a moment, Tanner slowly parted his lips. “Sandy, have you ever lied to me?”

Sandy was stunned and noticed that he was colder than usual, so she started to panic.

‘Did he notice something?’

“Tan, do… Do you think I’m lying? You don’t believe me?”

“I’m not talking about the child.” Tanner’s eyes were dark. “The doctor said you won’t be able to have kids anymore. Do you know why?”

That made Sandy freeze.

The anxiety in her heart rose to her face, and she slowly turned pale. “No, Tanner, I don’t know, I really don’t.”

“You never told me you had an abortion.”

Sandy felt as though she was struck by lightning upon hearing this and suddenly forgot that the doctor could tell if she had had an abortion before, since she had had too many abortions, the nurse had reminded her about it, but she didn’t expect she would lose this child!

She nervously grabbed onto Tanner. “Tan, I can explain—”

“You said you had never been with any other man when we broke up.” Tanner stared at her, his expression vague. “Yet, you’ve had multiple abortions before.”

Sandy’s shoulder shook. “Tan, I can explain. I … I lied to you. After we broke up, I had a boyfriend because I wanted to get over you. I dated him because of that.

“But he cheated on me and even hit me. I had a miscarriage because he was abusive when I was pregnant.” She cried while she grabbed onto his hand. “I really didn’t want to lie to you, but I was afraid… I was afraid that you wouldn’t love me anymore. He was the only one, and I regretted it.”

Her sobs filled the entire room, she had such a terrible experience, which made Tanner think of Pearl. Had he ever felt bad about the way he treated her?

Tanner pushed her hand away. “Take a good rest. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Tan, will you really come to see me?” Sandy felt that Tanner was avoiding her. Had he had enough of her?

He nodded.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you here.” Sandy didn’t try to make him stay. He knew about her abortions, so it was obvious that he no longer wanted her.


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