The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1225

chapter 1225

“Maybe you’re right. You were perfect in my memories. It’s exactly because Pearl is the exact opposite of you that I still chose you after you returned. I thought I still loved you. Even now, I can’t tell how I feel about you. Do I still love you? Do I feel guilty about you? Is the person I love the perfect Sandy from the past or the woman before me?”

Sandy sat silently on the bed. After a long while, she said in a hoarse voice, “So you don’t love me anymore.”

Tanner parted his mouth and replied, “What if this is the bitter truth?”

Sandy did not say anything anymore.

Neither of them spoke for a long while. In the end, she laughed and wept. “I get it now. We can never go back to what we once were.” “I’ll help you to settle your debt.” Tanner turned around and walked away. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and said, “Sandy, this is what I owe you.”

He left the ward afterward.

Sandy broke into tears as Tanner slowly disappeared from her vision. If she could go back in time, she wouldn’t have lied to him. Unfortunately, she couldn’t turn back time.

The cold wind blew the curtain open, and she looked outside through the window.

When Tanner emerged from the hospital, a loud thud wafted into his ears from not far away. Then, someone shouted in panic, “ Someone has jumped off the building!”

He froze and looked in the direction of the hospital building. He did not know why, but there was a bad feeling stirring in his heart, and he went toward the spot where the noise came.

Tanner wedged his way through the crowd, and when he saw the person before him, his pupils constricted as he shouted, “Sandy!”

Sandy had humped and crushed the car below her. There was a smile tugging at the corner of her lips, she looked like she was sleeping peacefully while blood was dripping down the roof of the car.

Two days later…

Anthony brought Naomi to the cocktail party. Naomi had put on a pink dress with a white pearl-buttoned fur coat.

She followed Anthony to greet his friends along the way. Since this was the first time Anthony brought his daughter out for an event like this, other people finally had the chance to take a glimpse at the daughter of the Eastwood Company’s owner.

“I didn’t expect you would bring your daughter over, Mr. Topaz,” an elegant lady said as she approached them with her husband.

Offering her a smile, Anthony replied, “Well, it’s time for my daughter to get herself familiar with my friends.”

The lady looked at Naomi gently and said, “ You’re so pretty Ms. Topaz. I’m sure you must have inherited your looks from your mother.”

Anthony’s smile froze for a moment when the elegant lady mentioned Naomi’s mother. However, he soon came around to his senses and replied, “Yeah. It’s better for a girl to look more like her mother.”

At that moment, a commotion broke out in the crowd. They looked in the direction and saw Alexander had shown up with his son and wife.

The elegant lady was startled, “Isn’t she Patricia Emerson? She used to be a famous actress in the entertainment industry. I didn’t expect to see her in person for the first time after she retired from the entertainment industry for so many years.”

Anthony remained calm even though they were walking toward them. Alexander brought his son, Zephir, and greeted them with a genial smile. “Mr. Topaz, I haven’t been able to properly thank you and your daughter for saving my son’s life.”

The crowds turned their heads to look at them.

Anthony nodded and smiled. “Don’t mention it, Mr. Gosling.”

“No, if it were not for your daughter, my son’s surgery would not have been successful,” Alexander said sincerely.

Zephir, standing beside his father, nodded at them politely and greeted, “Mr. Topaz, Ms. Topaz, I’m happy to see you two here.”

Anthony rubbed his head and smiled. “You need to study harder and be more successful than your father in the future, understand?”

Zephir nodded. “Understood, Mr. Topaz.”

Patricia laughed and turned her head to look at Naomi. However, Naomi averted her gaze and looked at Anthony. “Dad, I need to use the restroom.”


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