The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1226

chapter 1226

Anthony responded, “Okay.”

Naomi put the wine glass down, turned around, and left, she carried her dress, walked to the promenade, looked around, and finally walked toward the garden, where the fountain that was located in the middle of the courtyard reflected the colorful lights.

She walked to a bench, sat down, tightly wrapped herself in her coat, rubbed her freezing hands, and exhaled warm breaths onto them.

Hearing the sound of a piano coming from not far away, Naomi looked around, got up, and followed the sound of the music, only to see a lot of people gathered at a spot as if they were looking at something.

She fought through the crowd and saw an elegant-looking man with gold-rimmed glasses who was sitting in front of the piano and playing it.

When the music ended, everyone around gave the man a round of applause.

Someone in the crowd asked, “What’s the name of the song that you just played?”

Before the man could answer the question, Naomi had already uttered the name of the song, “’Moonlight”’.

The man’s gaze landed on Naomi’s face, and he gave off a smile. “You’ve heard it.”

Naomi nodded. “I heard it when I was studying music.”

“You studied music?”

She replied with a smile, “I used to be a member of the orchestra department, and I took piano lessons while I was younger too.” “Is that so?” The man stood up instantly and offered Naomi the seat in front of the piano. “I really want to hear you play a song.”

She was startled and waved her hands hastily. “I… I’m not very good at playing.”

The man smiled. “It doesn’t matter. Just take it as a casual game. I only tried to play because I was bored.”

Everyone around joined the man and asked her to try it out. Seeing that they were so enthusiastic, Naomi became too embarrassed to reject their request. Thus, she walked over to the piano, sat down, and placed her fingertips on the keys. Soon after that, the piano sounded, and crisp melodies permeated the whole courtyard.

After she finished playing a song, the applause around her brought her back to her senses. She stood up and said, “I hope you’ve enjoyed the song.”

“No, you’ve played well.” The man looked at her. “This song is filled with sadness. It seems that you’re a person who’s full of stories too.”

She paused for a split second, and that was when someone came over and summoned the man, “Jackie, it’s time to go.”

Jackie nodded, and he looked back at Naomi. “ I’ll take my leave first. I’ll see you when I see you.”

He left with two other people while Naomi stood by the piano and watched them leave the scene. As the crowd gradually dispersed, a figure that was still standing in the crowd became clearer gradually.

Naomi was momentarily astounded. Francisco stood there with his arms crossed and glanced at her. “It looks like I’m right.”

He walked toward Naomi, and his gaze landed on the piano. “Ms. Topaz, did the man who shares the same hobby with you manage to charm you?”

Naomi pursed her lower lip. “There’s no need for you to be so harsh, Mr. Boucher. Even if I’ve fallen for someone else, it’s none of your business.”

‘Even if I were to take a fancy to that man, it has nothing to do with him.’

She passed by him and was about to leave, but the piano behind her suddenly sounded—the opening was from the song that she had just played.

She froze in place and turned to look at him.

Francisco stood beside the piano and played a few notes with one hand before stopping and lifting his head. “You’ve changed your mind rather quickly, Ms. Topaz.”

“Nonsense!” Naomi frowned as she almost lost her head.

Francisco looked at her and did not say a thing.

Naomi took a deep breath. “Mr. Boucher, I don’t understand why you’re coming at me when I’ve done nothing wrong!”

She stepped back subconsciously, worrying that she would be seen crying because of the grievance. “All I’ve done is let you know that I like you. Is having a thing for you an incorrect thing to do? Moreover, I didn’t fall for you because of your appearance— ”

“Don’t take another step back!” Francisco yelled abruptly, but it was already too late. After stepping on the edge of a staircase, Naomi lost her balance and fell down the steps.

In embarrassment, she fell to the ground, her cold palms rubbed against the ground, and she grazed her skin. The lacerations felt scorching hot.

Francisco ran to help her up, but she smacked his hand away. “I don’t need your help.”


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