The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1229

chapter 1229

Lucy suddenly felt a little sympathetic toward Naomi.

‘Her family’s upbringing shouldn’t be this strict, right?

‘She’s not allowed to be in contact with others, so has she always been staying at home just like those Victorian ladies in ancient times?

‘No wonder Naomi doesn’t even have a

Twitter or Instagram account. I even had to teach her how to create one. How can I not feel sympathetic toward someone who can’t even have access to the Internet?’

She remembered something all of a sudden. “ Oh cr*p! Then did I just put harm in her way?”

Maisie frowned. “What harm did you put in her way?”

“I-I thought that Naomi is so good-looking, but it’s a pity that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. So, I thought about making a

match out of Mr. Boucher and her. Moreover, I thought that Naomi has a thing for Mr.

Boucher too, but what if…”

Maisie paused for a split second. “Which Mr. Boucher are you referring to?”

Lucy lowered her head and murmured, “It’s the second heir of the Bouchers.”

Lucy could not help but tell Maisie about what had happened when she was not around, she even reminded Naomi after she found out that the man was the second heir of the Bouchers. Although what she had tried to tell Naomi got into the ears of the actual person, Naomi did not seem to care about that at all that day.

‘She’s such a pure and innocent fair lady.

Would she still stay by a man’s side even if she were to be deceived?’

Maisie laughed out loud abruptly when she heard this. “Why didn’t I know that you’ve been playing cupid?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose.” Lucy pouted. “I didn’t know he’s the second heir of the Bouchers at the time.”

“Actually, Francisco is not as wicked as you think he is. The rumors that you hear from the public may not always be true.” Maisie could not help but keep on laughing. “If you’ve played your role well, perhaps she might need to thank you in the future.”

Lucy was in the middle of pondering about something and whispered, “I think it’s very unlikely for it to turn out as a success.”

At the Santiagos’ manor…

“That woman committed suicide by jumping off the building, what does it have to do with Pearl? This is just pure bullsh*t!” Mrs.

Santiago slammed the newspaper on the table.

‘That wh*re embarrassed the Santiagos so much before this, and now they’re going to point all their fingers at Pearl and say that it’s all her fault that the wh*re committed suicide!?’

The more she thought about it, the more she could not let it go. she turned her head to look at Antonio. “We should’ve rejected the marriage proposal in the first place! It’s so unlucky!”

“That’s enough. Is the gossip on the Internet something that we can stop even if we want to?” Antonio finished his tea and put the teacup down. “Now that the marriage has been annulled let’s just allow the past to pass us by.”

The butler entered the room through the door at this time. “Master, Madam, Mr. Hannigan is here.”

Mrs. Santiago’s expression changed instantly. “That b*stard is shameless enough to pay US a visit after all that?”

Antonio opened his mouth at this time. “Let him in. I want to listen to what he has to say.”

Mrs. Santiago snorted and sat down with an upset expression. After a while, Tanner came in through the main doorway. He nodded at the patriarch and matriarch of the Santiagos.

Mrs. Santiago did not appreciate his politeness at all and looked away from beginning to end.

Antonio lifted his head to look at him. “The union through marriage between the two families has been annulled. The Santiagos don’t plan to point fingers for the things that have happened in the past, so what the h*ll are you doing here?”

Tanner smiled. “Mr. Santiago, I was at fault for what happened back then, and that’s something that I won’t be able to make up for Pearl. I hereby apologize to both of you.”

Mrs. Santiago scoffed. “You want to apologize to us only after that woman jumped off a building? Isn’t this a little too late already?”

Whatever emotion that was left in Tanner’s gaze sank to the bottom of his eyes, but it was not noticeable as there was still a smile on his face. He asked the assistant behind him to place all the items that he had brought on the table, which were all very precious gifts. “I have no other intentions. I just want to express my apology to both of you.”

Antonio frowned and did not even utter a single word.

Mrs. Santiago only took a glance at the gifts on the table, unmoved. “We’ve got your apology. As for these unnecessary gifts, let’s just forget about that.”


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