The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1230

chapter 1230

Tanner gave off a faint smile. “I can clarify for Pearl about the gossip that’s spreading like wildfire on the Internet.”

Mrs. Santiago’s expression turned slightly restrained, and she said in a stern voice, “ Even if you don’t take any action, our daughter is still innocent.”

“But will anyone believe it?”

Tanner managed to choke Mrs. Santiago with only one question.

Mrs. Santiago’s face paled. “What do you mean by that?”

Tanner replied calmly, “Sandy died after all, but her death is thought to have something to do with Pearl. Sandy once told me that she had a miscarriage because of Pearl—” “Bullsh*t!” Mrs. Santiago smacked the table, stood up, and refuted furiously, “Tanner Hannigan, I don’t care what’s your purpose for coming here, but my daughter has never done anything to that woman. Don’t you ever think you can put any of the blame related to that d*mn woman on my daughter’s shoulders.”

“Will the public care about what the truth looks like? They only want the result.” Tanner slowed down. “You wouldn’t want to see your daughter suffer because of all those rumors, would you?”

Mrs. Santiago’s face gradually dimmed.

He continued calmly. “In the end, if it weren’t for the marriage arrangement that you negotiated with my father, I would have nothing to do with Pearl now, and perhaps Sandy wouldn’t have made that decision that day.”

His eyes looked gloomy. “Since we’ve come this far, we can only keep on moving forward. I think all men in Bassburgh would take offense to her history with Pearl’s reputation, don’t you think so?”

Mrs. Santiago was trembling with wrath. Antonio, who had not spoken a word, took a glance at Tanner. “Are you threatening US?”

“Do you think so, Mr. Santiago?” He put on another smile again. “I’m just trying to hold a negotiation with both of you. After all, I also want both of you to give me a chance to treat her well.”

Antonio’s masseter moved. “That depends on whether Pearl will agree to your proposal or not.”

Tanner smirked, “what if she agrees to it?”

Antonio did not utter another word.

When Tanner left the Santiagos manor, Mrs. Santiago pushed Antonio. “Have you lost your mind!? Can’t you see that that b*stard has already made it clear that he wants to take revenge on our daughter for that woman?”

Antonio stared at her with an unusually calm expression. “If you hadn’t spoiled Pearl and turned her into that mischievous and rebellious young lady that she used to be, would she have fallen to the extent of being manipulated now?

“It’s useless for you to protect her. You can help our daughter for now, but not for the rest of her life, will Tanner let her go when we’re both gone? She still has to deal with her affairs after all.”

Mrs. Santiago seemed to have been choked by her throat, and her eyes turned bloodshot instantly.

Antonio slowly got up and left the room, and Mrs. Santiago fell back into the couch and cried while covering her face with both hands.

At the apartment…

When Pearl woke up, the only thing she felt was a sore neck. She remembered that she seemed to have been knocked unconscious in the parking lot.

When she saw Tanner sitting on a chair fiddling with a camera, she sat up in a panic. She then immediately realized that she was not wearing any clothes, so she pulled the blanket, wrapped herself in it, and asked with a pale face, “Tanner Hannigan, what have you done to me!?”

Tanner did not even lift his gaze. “It hasn’t even been a week since Sandy’s death, so don’t worry, I won’t touch you.”

Pearl was about to rummage for clothes, but Tanner’s voice sounded. “There’s no need for you to look for them now. I’ve thrown them away.”

She froze on the bed. “What do you mean?”

“I mean every single word that I just said, literally.” Tanner raised his head, and his eyes looked dimmed and enigmatic. “I went to your house today.”

Pearl’s face turned pale, and her lips trembled slightly.

Tanner got up, walked toward her, and showed her the camera. “If I were to show these photos to Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan, please enlighten me about what they would think of you.”

Looking at the photos in the camera, Pearl’s pupils constricted, her hands and feet turned cold, and blood was drained from her cheeks. “ What the h*ll are you trying to accomplish?”


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