The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232

Barbara stood by and watched until Helios finished the call. She then asked, “Did he agree to come along?”

Helios placed his phone on the desk, stretched out, and hugged her. “He’s agreed to it, but I’m putting my bet on the fact that he’ll be livid when he finds out that we intend to arrange a blind date for him.”

Barbara smoothed his collar. “Zee claimed that the chances of this girl getting together with Francisco are as high as 90%.”

“Is she that certain?” Helios narrowed his eyes slightly, and he seemed to be a little curious about who the girl that Maisie mentioned was.

Barbara lifted his head, made him look at her, and chuckled softly. “You’ll know by then, won’t you?”

• • •

On the day of the outing, Maisie and Nolan took the two kids to the outskirts of the town to pick a spot before anyone’s arrival. They finally chose a place with beautiful scenery that was very suitable for camping.

The water in the lake was very shallow and looked clear, so crystal clear that one could see the pebbles and clusters of aquatic plants at the bottom of the lake from the bank.

“Dad, Mom, there are a lot of tadpoles!” Daisie squatted on the cobblestone bank and laughed happily when she saw a school of tadpoles in the water that got scared and hid in the cracks of the stone when they saw humans approach.

Colton looked disgusted, “what’s so good about staring at tadpoles? They’ll one day grow up to be ugly frogs.”

Maisie and Nolan set up the tent, and she turned and glanced at them both, “Be careful not to fall. Your clothes are very expensive.”

Nolan lifted his gaze to look at her and could not help but laugh. “Are the kids or their clothes more important?”

“Their clothes,” she answered without any hesitation.

‘Besides, the lake is so shallow that it can’t even reach the kids’ knees, so how can it drown them?’

Nolan squinted. “What about the kids and me? Who’s more important?”

She replied instantly, “The kids.”

Nolan was at a loss for words.

Maisie sneered and got closer to him. “The kids are more important, but I have only one husband.”

Nolan nodded with satisfaction upon hearing that answer. “That’s more like it.”

Louis and the others arrived only when they had gotten half of the setup and the grills all set up. All the ingredients for the barbecue were in their car.

Louis carried a lot of things in both hands, while Naomi came along with them. Naomi supported Ryleigh, and both of them were a short distance behind Louis.

Maisie turned to Colton and Daisie and said, “Go and help your uncle carry all the ingredients.”

“Okay! ” The two little rugrats ran over to help.

Louis put down the bags that contained food and looked around. “Is anyone else here yet?”

Maisie stood up and looked at the four-wheel-drive that was driving in their direction from not far away. “ Isn’t that them?”

Naomi and Ryleigh turned their heads and looked over, only to see Helios and Barbara getting out of the car with multiple bags of all sizes. “We’re a little late. Sorry to have made you guys wait! ”

“Godfather Helios! ” Because Daisie had not seen

Helios for a long time, she ran over, intending to ask him to carry her, but Colton grabbed her by the back of her collar.

Colton looked helpless. “Just how old are you now? And you’re still asking others to carry you around? Shameless.”

Helios laughed, walked up to the two little rugrats, lifted his hand, and rubbed their little heads. “It’s been a long time since I last saw you two, and you two little rascals are still so enthusiastic.”

“We’re no longer little rascals,” Colton replied seriously while Helios took a better look at them as his grin widened. “We’ve grown into bigger rascals.”

Barbara looked at the two of them. “You kids are growing so quickly now. Neither of you was this tall the last time I saw you.”

Daisie pouted, looking all aggrieved. “Mom also complained that we’re growing so quickly, so we’re going through all the clothes she buys too quickly.”

Barbara giggled.

Francisco appeared from behind them. He wore a cap, carried a sling bag on his shoulder, and had a pair of headphones hanging around his neck, looking extremely casual.

The two rugrats stared at him curiously as this was their first time meeting him.


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