The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233

Barbara introduced Francisco to the two of them. “ This handsome man is your godfather’s cousin.”

“oh! ” The two little rugrats nodded in a daze and greeted him politely. “Hello, uncle, it’s nice to see you.”

Francisco glanced at the two of them.

‘They should be Maisie and Nolan’s kids, shouldn’t they? They look alike.’

Barbara looked at Helios. “I’ll go over and help them out first.”

Helios nodded, “okay.”

Barbara walked toward the campsite with the two children while Francisco stared at the site and crossed his arms, “why do I have a feeling that I’ve been tricked here by you guys?”

Helios lowered his gaze, smiled, and placed his hand on Francisco’s shoulder. “Since you’re already here, it’s dumb not to make the trip worth it, isn’t it?”

Francisco clicked his tongue and looked at the camp again. He was slightly startled as he saw someone.

Naomi squatted beside Maisie and set up the barbecue with her. She added charcoal to the grill and set it on fire in a matter of minutes.

Maisie looked at her. “You’re quite skilled.”

Naomi replied with a grin, “I participated in quite a few camping activities organized at the academy back then.”

Ryleigh nodded when she heard what Naomi said. “ Yes, yes, it was during our sophomore year. I remember that Naomi was the captain of our group at the time.”

Maisie raised her gaze and looked in Helios’ direction. Seeing that she was staring in their direction, Helios turned his head and glanced at Francisco, and as if he had realized something, he patted him on the shoulder. “I won’t stop you if you want to go back now.”

He then walked toward the campsite.

Francisco was amused for a short while and caught up to him. “Since I’ve followed you here, I’ll just put up with the rest of the trip.”

Naomi did not notice the addition of a few more people around her at all until she heard Francisco’s voice. She stopped moving immediately and stared at Francisco, who was picking up firewood, with Louis in surprise.

The moment she met Francisco’s gaze, she turned her head away in a hurry, and she was at a loss instantly.

Maisie, who was squatting right next to her, noticed something and pretended to smile as if she did not know anything. “That’s the second heir of the

Bouchers. You might not have met him before this.”

Naomi returned to her senses and smiled with an evasive gaze. “I… I’ve met him a few times.”

Maisie narrowed her eyes. “Is that so?”

Naomi nodded, bowed her head, and started to skewer the food. Seeing her blushing cheeks, Maisie could not help but sigh with a helpless smile.

‘She really looks like a young girl who’s just beginning to know what love is.’

They started roasting the skewers immediately after everything was ready, and the two little rugrats could not wait to get their hands on those foods and send them into their mouths when they sniffed the wafting aroma.

Barbara and Maisie laid a picnic mat on the grass and placed all kinds of snacks and fruits on it.

After the barbecue was served, everyone was in a hurry to taste it. Daisie chewed loudly. “Hmm! The beef skewers that Dad roasted are so delicious! ”

Ryleigh handed her a shrimp. “Little foodie, come, this is your favorite.”

“Thankyou, Auntie Ryleigh!” Daisie was in an overload of happiness when she ate the shrimp. After finishing her food, she said, “It would be nice if Wayion were here, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll eat a few more skewers on Wayion’s behalf.”

Colton gave her a sideways glance at that moment. “ Just admit that you want to eat more. ”

Daisie snorted softly. “That’s none of your business, busybody.”

Ryleigh did not forget to hand Naomi a few skewers.

Naomi took them from her. “Thank you.” moment too. Nolan sat beside Maisie and the children. It was only natural for Louis and Helios to sit beside their wives, and the vacant seat beside Naomi was the only one left empty.

Except for Louis and Ryleigh, the other two couples understood what was happening between Naomi and Francisco.

Ryleigh looked at Naomi and simply felt that she would feel embarrassed to sit next to a strange man. “ Naomi, why don’t you sit by my side?”

Barbara raised her head abruptly. “You’re pregnant. How convenient would it be if you were to have to move around to make space for Naomi? It’s all right. We’re all friends. It doesn’t matter wherever she sits.”


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