The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234

Helios poured himself a glass of red wine. “Barbara is right. You’re pregnant, and your husband has to take care of all your needs already. So just leave Ms. Topaz to the others. Someone else will take care of her for you.”

Ryleigh frowned.

‘What just happened? So what if I’m a pregnant woman? I’m worried that Naomi would feel awkward and embarrassed. That’s why I asked her to sit by my side.’

Louis seemed to have sensed what Helios and Barbara meant, so he took a glance at Francisco and Naomi, and then wrapped his arm around Ryleigh, who was sitting next to him. “Helios is right.”

Ryleigh elbowed his waist sullenly.

Maisie took the wine bottle and poured some wine slowly. “Do you need someone to take care of Naomi? Naomi is the only designer that Soul Jewelry has, so I’ll definitely take good care of her.”

Ryleigh thought what Maisie said made sense and stopped worrying immediately. Naomi pursed her lips.

‘I have to sit right next to Francisco, so how can I not feel nervous?’

At that moment, Maisie turned to her and asked, “ Naomi, do you want some fruit wine? I brought two cans.”

In order to relieve her tension, Naomi nodded. “Yes.”

The fruit wine that Maisie handed over was peach flavored, she wanted to open the can but could not manage to do so. After seeing her struggle for a minute, Francisco reached out, grabbed the can from her, and opened it for her. The whole process was as smooth and slick as it could possibly be.

Naomi’s heart was pounding as she took the can from him and whispered, “Thankyou.”

Francisco responded with a faint hum.

The picturesque scenery and quiet woods were filled with chatter and laughter throughout the whole meal, and everyone raised their cups. “Cheers!”

“I haven’t had such a satisfying and poetic life for a long time.” After saying so, Barbara suggested with a grin all of a sudden, “why don’t we play a game?”

“It won’t be Truth or Dare again, right?” Ryleigh said with a downcast face. “That’s no fun for someone as heavily pregnant as me.”

“Why play Truth or Dare when we can play another game?” Barbara took out a stack of playing cards. “ Let’s play Locate the Joker! ”

Ryleigh was stunned, “what is Locate the Joker?”

Barbara drew a Joker card out of the stack of cards and explained, “We’ll take turns dealing the cards. Whoever gets the Joker must complete a single- or double-player mission. Sounds alright to you guys?”

Maisie nodded. “Yes.”

Neither Nolan nor Helios objected to the idea while Ryleigh and Louis both nodded, so everyone looked at Francisco and Naomi.

Francisco shrugged. “I don’t mind it.”

Naomi hesitated for a few seconds before nodding. “ I’m fine with it.”

Seeing that everyone had nothing much to say, Barbara proposed to divide everyone into two groups. Naomi was naturally assigned to be in the same group as Francisco.

Barbara handed the cards to Maisie, and starting from Maisie, each person would be dealt two cards, and no one could reveal the cards in their hands, not even to themselves. After all, the game was popular because of the enigma that the game brought to the occasion.

After the cards were revealed, the group that possessed the Joker must complete the designated single- or double-player mission.

When everyone revealed their cards, it was Louis who had the Joker. Ryleigh glared at him. “Just what kind of sh*tty luck do you have here?”

Louis was rendered speechless.

Barbara covered her mouth and giggled. “Zee, you can now come up with a mission for them.”

Maisie rubbed her chin and gave it a proper thought, then turned to Nolan and asked, “What do you think will be suitable for them?”

Louis stared at them. “You two, don’t go too far.”

Nolan raised his eyebrows and placed the wine glass right in front of his lower lip. “Then you guys should do 50 one-handed push-ups.”

“50!?” Louis was furious. “My dear cousin-in-law, are you kidding me?”

“What’s wrong with that? And allow me to remind you that your wife’s pregnant, so there’s no way she can help you out with the mission.” Nolan looked at him. “So just bite the bullet and give US 50 push-ups. It’s not that many for a real man.”

Louis stood up. “You’re truly a ruthless piece of cr*p! ”


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