The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235

Louis completed 50 one-handed push-ups. In the next few rounds, Louis pulled the Joker another three times, Maisie drew it twice, and Helios got it once.

Barbara gnashed her teeth. “I refuse to believe that you’ll always be so lucky, Francisco.”

Francisco crossed his arms and said calmly, “Jeez, this game is so boring. I haven’t even gotten the chance to experience the game at all.”

It was Nolan’s turn to deal the cards next. And when the cards were revealed, Francisco’s smile froze because the Joker was in Naomi’s hand.

Naomi did not expect that she would get the card at all, so she was even more flustered. “I’m sorry, I…”

‘Karma’s really a b*tch.’

Barbara glanced at Francisco, who was still sneering just minutes ago—his arrogance was indeed very disagreeable to her eyes. “Sure enough, God is still fair to everyone. Didn’t you say you haven’t gotten the chance to experience the game? How does it feel now?”

Francisco took a deep breath and smiled. “It’s fine. I’ll just take it as an experience.”

Nolan handed the task of assigning the mission over to Maisie. “I’ll leave it to you.”

“Let’s go with a two-player mission this time.” Maisie thought about something, looked at the two of them, squinted, and smirked. “You two will be munching on a wafer roll.”

Francisco frowned. “What kind of mission is that?”

“I’ll show you how.” Maisie picked up a wafer roll and held it with her lips, she then turned to Nolan, who immediately understood and ate the wafer roll with her in a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ style.

Staring at this scene, Naomi was dumbfounded.

‘Am I about to…’

“What? Must we go that far?” Ryleigh was astonished for a split second and looked at Naomi worriedly. “ This doesn’t seem fair to Naomi.”

Barbara smirked and waved her hands. “It’s just a game. Besides, it’s not really a kiss. They don’t even have to touch each other’s lips.”

Ryleigh pondered over it and thought it seemed to make sense.

But when it came to kissing, Naomi’s ears turned extremely flushed —she was so nervous that all her fingers were intertwined, interlocked, and entangled at the same time.

“Apart from this, is there any other task that I can do?” Francisco opened his mouth.

Naomi was slightly startled while everyone else stared at him.

Nolan squinted slightly. “100 one-handed push-ups. Would you prefer this?”

“Okay, it’s just 100 push-ups.” Francisco got up and started doing one-handed push-ups on the side.

Barbara looked at Maisie, and the latter shrugged.

‘I didn’t expect Francisco would rather choose to do 100 push-ups than complete a double-player mission. Is the information wrong?’

While Francisco was doing all the push-ups, Naomi sat silently at the side.

When the barbecued food on the table was almost finished, Maisie and Barbara stayed back to clean up while the children went to the lake with Naomi and Ryleigh for some fun.

Barbara leaned over to Maisie. “Didn’t you say that there’s a high probability? Why do I feel that Francisco doesn’t seem to be interested in Ms.


Maisie took a glance at Naomi. “But the thing is that Naomi has a thing for that kid Francisco.”

Barbara had realized that during the meal and snorted. “Then Francisco deserves to stay single for the rest of his life.”

Over there, Naomi squatted by the lake and helped Daisie collect pebbles.

Daisie walked up to her all of a sudden and whispered to her embarrassedly, “Aunt Naomi, can you accompany me into the forest for number two?”

Naomi got up with a smile, “okay.”

Daisie took her hand, and the two went straight into the woods.

Louis and Francisco were setting up the tents, and when they came out of the tent, they saw the two of them going to the woods together.

Daisie covered her stomach throughout the whole journey when she came to the forest with Naomi, she suddenly thought of something and turned around anxiously. “I don’t have any tissues, what should I do now?”

“I have some.” Naomi took a packet of tissues out of her handbag and handed it to Daisie.

“Thank you, Aunt Naomi. Please stay here and wait for me! ” Daisie ran behind one of the stumps.


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