The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238

Francisco sat near the fire and added wood to it, then looked back at Naomi, who was leaning against the stonewall. She was curled up, hugging her legs as if she was freezing.

He stood up, walked over, squatted down in front of her, and touched her forehead. It wasn’t burning, so she probably had a low fever.

He stood back up, took the dried jacket, wrapped it around her, and pulled her into his arms.

Naomi was surprised. Maybe she was feeling very cold, but the moment when she was in his arms, she felt warm and comfortable.

“You’ll feel better after you sleep.” He gently pressed her head toward his chest.

Naomi listened to his voice and felt his heartbeat, then suddenly smiled. “Just like a dream.”

Francisco looked down. “What dream?”

Naomi felt like she was floating, put her arms around his waist, and snuggled. “I like…”

Francisco heard her mumble the rest of the sentence and beamed. After a moment, he whispered, “what do you like?”

Naomi’s breath slowed, and he smiled after noticing that she was asleep. Naomi’s face was on his shoulder, and her breathing was gentle, a warm breath on his neck.

He looked sideways at her and played with her hair before his eyes lingered on her lips.

• • •

Nolan, Helios, and Louis searched for them by following the source of light. Helios saw something and immediately pulled them both aside.

Louis was surprised, “what’s going on?”

Helios shushed him and looked toward the cliff. “We don’t need to bother them as long as we know they’re safe. They’ll come back when the sun is back up.”

“But we’re here to look for the—”

Before Louis could finish, Nolan tapped his shoulder. “Helios is right. Let’s go back.”

After they both walked away, Louis paused and tried to keep up, “Are we being unkind?”

Nolan glared at him. “Do you think interrupting them is a kind thing to do?”

Louis finally understood. He nodded and followed them back.

Once they were back, Ryleigh worriedly asked, “ Didn’t you find them?”

Helios smiled. “Yes, they’re safe.”

Ryleigh looked behind them, and it was pitch black. No one was there, “where are they then?”

Barbara and Maisie walked out from inside the tent.

Nolan stopped in front of Maisie and smiled with his eyebrows raised.

Maisie looked toward them and asked him, “They’re together?”

He smiled. “They’re having an intimate moment.”

Maisie couldn’t help but smile.

Louis said something to Ryleigh that made her freeze on the spot. “What!? You’re not worried that something might happen to Naomi, leaving them alone?”

Barbara put her arm around Helios’ arm and smiled. “ Ryleigh, why do you think Francisco might do something to her?”

Ryleigh paused, she had no idea why she would think that way, but they didn’t seem to know each other. “ They don’t know each other but are spending time together. If you don’t bring them back, what if… Naomi is a lady, she can’t spend time with a stranger.”

“Haha!” Barbara couldn’t help but laugh. “Ryleigh, what if she wanted to spend time with him?”

Ryleigh was surprised, “what are you talking about?

That’s not possible…”


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