The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239

Maisie walked over and put her hand on Ryleigh’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about Naomi. Francisco won’t do anything to her.”

“Zee, you and Barbara are acting so weird today.” Ryleigh moved her hand away as she realized something, “why does it feel like you know something that I don’t?”

Louis coughed. “You’re just not thinking far enough.”

Ryleigh stomped on his foot which made him take a sharp breath. He had to endure that because she was his wife.

Nolan hugged Maisie by her shoulders. “Alright, it’s getting late. We should all get some rest. They’ll come back tomorrow morning. ”

The two of them went back into their tent, followed by Barbara and Helios.

Ryleigh held onto Louis. “Tell mewhat is happening.”

Louis hugged her. “Little lady, I’ll tell you when we’re back in the tent.”

Ryleigh frowned. “Don’t lie to me.”

Louis helplessly said, “I won’t.”

The night grew darker, and the moon peeked out from behind the dark clouds.

Morning broke, and the fire was out.

Naomi slowly opened her eyes because she was feeling hot. It was already really bright outside.

But when she opened her eyes, she took a sharp breath.

The two of them were sleeping on some dried grass. Francisco slept next to her with his arms around her while she curled up.

Her heart pounded upon seeing that his face was inches away, she wasn’t dreaming—she was really in his arms!

Naomi closed her eyes and smiled, then slowly leaned on his chest. He was driving her crazy. How could she adore him so much?


The voice coming from above her head made her freeze, she was so embarrassed to be caught in the act.

She slowly looked up and into Francisco’s eyes and suddenly sat up, “I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean it.”

Francisco turned around, propped his body up with his hand, and looked down at her. “what didn’t you mean to do?”

She choked. She couldn’t say that she had leaned closer to him after waking up.

Francisco stared at her. “Do you remember what you said last night?”

“I…” Naomi paused because she didn’t remember. “ What did I say last night?”

Francisco leaned on his side and on his hand while his lips parted. “You said… You like… spending time with me.”

Naomi was stunned, and her heart stopped, she was so nervous she couldn’t look into his eyes. “I… Did I say that? I don’t remember.”

Francisco put out his hand while she was stunned and pulled her into his arms, she put her hand on his chest and looked at him with eyes wide open, her heart pounding.

She didn’t see him leaning in for a kiss. Her hand on his chest balled up because she was almost out of breath.

Francisco looked at her blushing cheeks. “Breathe.”

She took a deep breath. Francisco turned away and laughed when he saw her fumbling.

Naomi paused and sat up straight. “Why are you laughing?”

Francisco put his hand to his forehead but couldn’t stop laughing. “I might just kill you by kissing you.”

Naomi’s face turned red.

Francisco sat up and leaned in. “I was worried that if I went on, you might die.”

‘Went on..?

Naomi’s eyes darted around because she didn’t know where to look.

Francisco pushed her chin up. “what do you like about me?”


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