The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240

’This question again.’

Naomi looked at him. “Do I need a reason?”

Francisco smiled. “Do you know me well enough?

How can you admire me if you don’t know me? Are you not afraid that I might be a bad person?”

Naomi looked down and slowly said, “I knowyou’re not.”

Francisco ran his finger over her lips. “How did you come to that conclusion? Do you feel safe when you’re around me?”

She frowned, a little confused.

“You’re so innocent.” Francisco stared at her. “You’re not careful enough with men. If it were other men, do you think you could be safe staying with a guy?”

Naomi pressed her lips together. “But you’re not them.”

“I’m not, but it was because I suppressed my feelings.” He let go and sat up with his back facing her. “You need to be more careful with men.”

He stood up and walked to where the fire was to pick up his jacket and put it on, then looked out at the sky. “The sun is up. Let’s head back.”

Naomi looked down. If he weren’t going to be with her, why did he kiss her?

Francisco and Naomi got back to the campsite, and everyone turned to look at them.

Barbara smiled and said, “I told you, safe and sound.”

Naomi lowered her head because she felt that they knew, so she was a little embarrassed.

Francisco frowned. “You really didn’t care if we survived?”

Helios chuckled, walked to him, and put his hand on his shoulder. “We went looking for you and didn’t want to interrupt.” The last part was only audible to Francisco.

He paused.

Maisie walked toward Naomi. “Are you hurt?”

Naomi shook her head.

Barbara smiled, “she wouldn’t be hurt with Francisco around.”

Maisie held her hands. “You must be hungry. Have some breakfast.”

After breakfast, they packed up around noon to return to the city.

After their outing, Naomi didn’t see Francisco for a long time, as if nothing had happened and it was just a dream.

Naomi sat in the office, daydreaming. The design in her hands was half done. She immediately snapped back when she heard a knock on her door. “Come in. ”

Lucy opened the door and walked in, then said shyly. “ Naomi, um… Could you help me with something?”

Naomi nodded. “Sure.”

Lucy played with her fingers. “My parents are asking me to go on a blind date, but I don’t like the man they’ve set me up with. Could you… mess it up for me?”

Naomi paused for a moment. “You want me to mess it up on your behalf?”

Lucy nodded and said in a sad tone, “You know that even though I talk a lot, my mind freezes when it really matters. I am afraid that I might be unable to come up with an excuse to reject him.

“He hasn’t seen me before, so you can just mess it up. It doesn’t matter how.”

Naomi thought about it and said, “Alright, let me handle it.

“You’re the best, Naomi! ” Lucy ran over and shook her hand. “You’re my savior! ”

That afternoon, Naomi went to the restaurant with the photo that Lucy had given her. She looked around for a bit and noticed a man sitting at the corner table, so she looked at the photo.

She walked over. “Excuse me, are you Mr. Roswald?”

He looked up at her and stood up. “Yes, that’s me. You’re Lucy?”


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