The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1241

chapter 1241 “Yes.” Naomi smiled and nodded before taking the seat opposite Mr. Roswald.

He studied her and smiled. “What a surprise. I didn’t expect you to be so… elegant, Ms.

Xavier. I thought…”

“You thought what?”

Mr. Roswalrd chuckled and continued. “After all, you don’t look much like your mother described.”

Naomi nodded. Something crossed Mr.

Roswald, and he picked up the menu. “Do you want to eat something? Feel free to order anything you want.”

She was stumped for a moment before replying with a smile, “No, thank you. I’ve already eaten. I came here only because you said you wanted to see me.”

“I see. So, would you like something to drink?” Mr. Roswald asked again.

Unable to turn down his offer, Naomi ordered a cup of coffee.

While he was having his meal, he asked about her work. Since Naomi worked in Soul as well, she was familiar with it. After they had finished talking, Mr. Roswald seemed rather satisfied with her as he said, “It truly surprises me that you’re very serious in your work. Do you have any plans after you get married?”

‘After I get married?’

Naomi’s eyelashes trembled, and she shook her head. “Nope. I don’t have any plans.”

Mr. Roswald frowned slightly. “You don’t have any after-marriage plans? Could it be that you still want to work after getting married?”

“Why can’t I continue to work after I get married?” Naomi asked.

Mr. Roswald was momentarily stunned. “ That’s because people like you guys can’t take care of your career and family at the same time. Besides, after you get married, you need to take care of the kids, right?”

Naomi was stumped. It took her quite a while before she came around to her senses and said, “What do you mean by people like US? Do we have to sacrifice our career after getting married?”

Mr. Roswald’s smile froze, and his face turned solemn. “Ms. Xavier, so are you saying that you’re going to choose your career over your family and kids?”

As if her thought amused him, he continued. “ I’m an engineer with a monthly salary of $ 15,000.1 can support my whole family. I don’t care how much my wife earns. I just want my wife to concentrate on her duties in the future.”

Naomi looked at him silently.

Mr. Roswald picked up a glass of water and took a sip. After that, he decided to go into the main point. “In fact, I’ve run a background check on your family, Ms. Xavier. Both your parents are teachers, and although your family is fairly well-off, you’re far from being affluent.

“I’m the only son in my family, and my father passed away at an early age. My mother is the manager of a well-known company. I currently have three properties in my name and also have a car.

“You don’t have to work so hard anymore after we get married, Ms. Xavier. Besides, becoming a housewife and taking care of the children is easier than going to work, right? I’m not asking for anything. I just want you to be good to my mother and help me to take care of my family. That’s all.”

After a short while of silence, Naomi lifted her head to look at him. “So, you want your wife to give up on her career after marrying you and having children?”

Mr. Roswald was stunned. “What?”

“Not everyone has to abandon their career after they get married. It’s a matter of choice. It isn’t a must. Only if a person loves you will they marry you and help you to take care of your family.

“We’ve just met, and you’re asking me to leave my work after marrying you. Are you looking for a wife or a babysitter?”

Mr. Roswald looked at her incredulously. He did not know whether he should be laughing or be angry at her. “Ms. Xavier, you aren’t young anymore. It’s true that you’re pretty and fit the criteria for my choice of spouse. However, as time passes, you’ll get older, and your beauty will wilt away. Do you think you still have the luxury of picking for the man you like?”

Naomi gripped the cup of coffee tightly, but she did not say anything in return.

Mr. Roswald continued patiently. “Besides, I’m a decent man with a good family background. If you marry me, your living conditions will improve significantly. I’ll also take care of your parents after we get married. As for our relationship…”


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