The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1242

chapter 1242

Mr. Roswald stretched his hand and caressed the back of her hand.

Naomi was stunned and frowned while he continued. “I’m sure it’ll work out anyway. I need a decent and wise wife like you, Ms.


Naomi suddenly pulled her hand out and said, “I’m sorry, but I already have someone I like.”

Mr. Roswald’s expression changed, and he pulled her hand away. “You have a man you like? So? What’s the big deal? Are you guys dating? Are you married? If your parents know about your relationship, will they approve of it?”

Naomi was startled. She tried to pull her hand out of his grip but to no avail. Her face turned grim as she warned, “Mr. Roswald, please let go of my hand.”

“Ms. Xavier, I really like you. I liked you from the first moment I sawyou.“ Mr. Roswald pulled her hand and landed a kiss on it, causing goosebumps to erupt over her skin.

Naomi felt disgusted and pulled her hand out of his grip. She rose to her feet and said, “ Please mind your manners, Mr. Roswald!”

The rest of the guests in the restaurant turned their heads and looked at them.

Mr. Roswald leaned against the back of the chair and smiled sarcastically, “What’s the matter? Are you looking down at me?

“Lucy Xavier, do you think you can get everything your way just because you’re pretty? If not for your pretty face, do you think you can get attention from other men because of your meager salary? I know what you want. You want to marry a rich man, isn’t it? Hah, what a dreamer.

“All of you people are the same. You want nothing but gold and money. You think you’re pretty, so you can get everything your way? You’re not competent and can’t earn enough money yourself, so you demand a massive bride price, yet you don’t want to help your husband to take care of his family, and you want him to take care of you instead like some sort of high-priced doll. So, why do we even have to get married?”

The words that spilled out of his mouth were obnoxious, and the voices of the people around them were getting louder and louder.

Naomi clenched her fists tightly. Although she knew he was not insulting her, she still felt humiliated because he was talking about Lucy.

She picked up the cup of water on the table and splashed it on him.

Mr. Roswald was Infuriated by her action, so he shot up from his seat and shouted, “How dare you splash water on me, you crazy woman!?”

He lifted up his arm in an attempt to give her a slap.

Naomi just stood there and looked as his hand came at her without batting an eye. Just when his hand was about to land on her cheek, he was kicked back to the seat by someone.

A man’s hand came out of nowhere and pulled Naomi, who still couldn’t come around to her senses, into his arms and brought her away.

“You—” Just when Mr. Roswald stood up and shouted, a bodyguard stood in front of him and pushed him back to his seat.

“Do you have a death wish? Do you know who she’s? She’s the daughter of Mr. Topaz, the owner of Eastwood Enterprise!”

“She’s the daughter of Mr. Topaz?” Mr. Roswald was stunned.

‘Isn’t she Lucy Xavier?’

In the corridor, Naomi could barely keep up with his speed, while she was struggling, she said, “Mr. Boucher, please walk slower…”

Francisco brought her to the emergency exit. Before she could say anything, he clasped his hand on her chin and kissed her.

Naomi’s pupils constricted, her heart raced into a gallop, and she tightened her hand on his chest slightly.

This kiss was different from the kiss the previous time. He pried through her teeth, and she felt suffocated.

Naomi whimpered, and it took a few moments for him to leave her lips.

Looking at Naomi, whose face was red and breathing heavily, Francisco lifted his hand to rub her head and turned his face sideways. “ Now, you can’t join any blind dates in the future.”

Naomi was stunned, “why… Why?”

“You still want to have a date with other men after kissing me?” Francisco looked at her. “ What am I to you then?”

It took Naomi a few seconds before she could regain her senses. Her eyelashes trembled, and she mumbled, “What are you talking about? Aren’t you the one who… So, what is our relationship now?

He lifted her chin and asked, “What do you think?”


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