The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1243

chapter 1243

Naomi was momentarily stunned. Her eyelashes were trembling as she said, “I have no idea either. I don’t know what our relationship is right now. Besides, you don’t take our relationship seriously, do you?

“Although I’ve never been in a relationship before, I know kissing between men and women represents the intimacy of a relationship. But we’re not that kind of relationship. Well, maybe for you, we are not.”

Francisco did not know whether he should be laughing or be angry right now. He stood as stiff as a ramrod in front of her and asked, “ So, you think that the thing between US is just a game for me?”

“Is there a difference?” Naomi’s eyes turned red, looking just like a rabbit that had just gotten bullied.

“Yes, it is.” Francisco placed his hand on the wall beside her as he leaned closer. “If this were just a game for me, I wouldn’t kiss you. I’d just have s*x with you.”

Naomi was so terrified that she froze in place. She looked at him fixedly as he went even closer to her. A devilish grin tugged at the corner of his lips as he whispered into her ear, “You know what? There’s no need for a man to put in much effort if he just wants to have fun with a woman. He just needs to let his desire loose. For men, desire and affection can be separated, and I remember I have told you before not to think too highly of men, especially the ones like me.”

He withdrew his arm and turned around. “Mr. Topaz protects you well. You have not experienced the world yet, and there are all kinds of people in this world who are good at disguising themselves with masks. You said you believe in me, but you don’t know me well. “I’m not as good as you think, and I’m sure you know how bad my reputation is. My father used to be a playboy who cheated on his wife, and I, too, inherited his behavior. At the age of 17,1 indulged in a hedonistic lifestyle, and women were like clothes to me. It’s my grandfather who sent me for training in a closed environment that I turned a new leaf. However, it’s true that I’ve played with women’s feelings.”

When he finished speaking, he turned around and looked at Naomi, whose face was written with surprise. “I was set up by the Hannigans’ daughter once, so I hate scheming women, of course, this is what I deserve. I don’t really understand why an innocent and ignorant woman like you would like a man like me. It’s just… It’s terrible.”

Naomi stood and looked at him silently. Even though he had told her every bad thing he had done in the past, her heart did not waver. After a short while, she looked at him and said, “I don’t care.”

He was stunned.

Naomi took a deep breath and added, “I don’t care about your past. Even… Even though everyone is telling me how bad you are, I still like you.”

She lowered her head and clenched her hands together. “You can reject me, but you can’t doubt my feelings for you.”

Francisco’s heart skipped a beat, and he set his jaw tightly. “Are you sure you want to be my girlfriend even if our future might not turn out as you expected?”

She smiled, and tears fell from her eyes. “ Never try, never know. Even if the future isn’t )) • • •

He stretched his arms and pulled her into his embrace, stunning her. Her tears rolled in her eyes, and Francisco pressed on. “Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

Naomi wrapped her arms around him and buried her face into his chest.

“No, I won’t regret it.” She sobbed.

Francisco lifted her face and realized that she was crying. He wiped the tears off her face with his finger and lowered his head to kiss her.

She closed her eyes and tried her best to respond to the kiss. After a long while, both of them moved away from each other.

Francisco looked at her reddened nose and chuckled. “You look really like a rabbit.”

He lifted his hand to tousle her hair and asked, “When are you free?”

“Why do you ask?” Naomi asked.

Francisco hugged her, and they emerged from the emergency exit. “Let’s go on a date.”

Naomi’s heart skipped a beat.

‘He’s asking me for a date? Does this mean that we’re officially dating now?’


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