The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1244

chapter 1244

when Naomi did not reply, Francisco cocked his head to look at her. “You don’t want to go on a date with me?”

“Of course, I want to go on a date with you…” Naomi froze for a moment and asked, “Are we in a relationship now?”

Francisco tightened his grip and pulled her closer into his arms. “Really? This is the question you have for me? You really are more ignorant than I thought you were.”

Naomi looked at him, and a smile appeared on her face.

The next day, at Soul…

“Thank you for yesterday, Naomi. My mom told me that guy called her and said we were not suitable. He even apologized to my mom, and my mom was shocked,” Lucy said, expressing her gratitude to Naomi.

Naomi replied with a smile on her face, “It’s fine. I should thank you instead.”

“Thank me?” Lucy was confused, “why are you thanking me?”

Naomi lowered her head, she had been feeling different since yesterday.

Looking at the smile on Naomi’s face, Lucy said, “Look at you, grinning like a Chesire cat. You aren’t in love, are you?”

Naomi’s face flushed with embarrassment when she heard what Lucy said.

Seeing her reaction, Lucy knew she had guessed it right and asked, “Seriously?”

Naomi nodded.

Piqued by her curiosity, Lucy went closer and asked, “Who is it?”

Naomi lowered her head and replied, “It’s someone you know.”

Lucy fell into contemplation for a moment before looking at her incredulously. “You’re not talking about Mr. Boucher, are you?”

When she saw the expression on Naomi’s face, she was stunned. “Seriously? You’re dating him?”

Naomi replied with a smile, “Yeah. Who else could it be if not him?”

“What do you really like about him? Aren’t you worried about…”

Even though Lucy did not finish her sentence, Naomi knew what she wanted to say. she looked at her and said seriously, “I don’t care about his past. I just know that I like him for how he’s now. As for what I like about him, I can’t really tell. Maybe I think he’s a nice person.”

Lucy did not want to say anything anymore upon seeing how resolute Naomi was. “Alright then. What’s done cannot be undone.


After Lucy left, Naomi received a text message from Francisco, and her face broke into a smile.

In the afternoon, Naomi came to the car park. Francisco was waiting for her in front of his car. He was wearing a blue and gray double- breasted trench coat jacket that fit him like a glove, and it made him stand out from other people.

Naomi ran toward him. she tripped herself and fell right into his arms.

Francisco grabbed her into his embrace and chuckled. “You don’t have to be so excited when you see me.”

She felt embarrassed. She pulled herself out of his arms and stood straight.

Francisco took a box of snacks out of the car and handed it to her. “You haven’t had lunch yet, right? Here, it’s for you.”

Naomi took over the box of snacks and lifted her head to look at him. “Are you here to deliver lunch for me?”

“Yeah,” he replied matter-of-factly. “I’m worried that you’ll get hungry, and this is what I should do as your boyfriend as well.”

Naomi smiled and replied, “Thank you.”

Francisco tousled her hair and continued. “I have to go back to the prosecutor’s office. I may not be able to come to see you in the next two days, but if you miss me, you can call me.”

After that, he kissed her forehead. Naomi pressed her lips and nodded obediently.

Both of them did not know that someone was watching them from a car not far away.

Naomi watched as Francisco got into the car and drove away, she looked at the box of snacks in her hand, and just when she turned around, she saw her father coming out of his car and was stunned.

She walked over to him and asked, “What brought you here today, Dad?”

Anthony looked in the direction where the car had disappeared with a frown.

“I heard you’re still at Soul, so I wanted to pay you a visit.”


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