The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1245

chapter 1245

Naomi pressed her lips thin.

Anthony looked at the box of snacks in her hand and frowned deeply. “Nelly, is that… Francisco?”

Naomi’s heart skipped a beat, and she became nervous. However, she did not dare to hide it from her father and confessed everything. “ Yeah. I’m sorry, Dad. I should’ve told you earlier.”

“When did it start?”


“That’s not what I’m asking. I want to know when you two started seeing each other.” Anthony frowned.

“About a month ago…” she replied. “Dad, you told me that you won’t interfere with my relationship. I like him very much.”

Anthony took a deep breath and said seriously, “Yes, I did tell you before that I wouldn’t interfere with your relationship, but it depends on who you’re seeing. Nelly, Francisco isn’t suitable for you.”

“Dad, I know he has a bad reputation, but I don’t care about his past,” Naomi replied.

This was the first time she went against her father.

Upon realizing how much his daughter liked Francisco, Anthony’s face turned grim. “

Nelly, this isn’t as simple as you think. A man like Francisco isn’t someone you can handle. This is for your own good.”

Naomi could not understand it at all. “I don’t understand. You think he’s still a bad guy just because he had a bad reputation in the past?”


“Dad, I’m an adult. I can differentiate good from bad. He isn’t as bad as we think he was.” Naomi pulled his hand. “Dad, please give US some time. We’ll prove it to you. I have faith in him.”

Anthony did not say anything, but he was worried. Putting aside what kind of a man Francisco used to be, everyone in the city knew about his scandalous past.

Francisco might have become a prosecutor because of his own effort, but Anthony did not dare to risk his daughter’s future. Besides, his daughter had been cut off from the outside world ever since she fell into a coma, so she was gullible.

She was his only daughter, so he must not let down his guard.

It seemed to him that he had to introduce his daughter to better men who she could depend on.

In the evening, at the Blue Bay villa…

Maisie was changing her shoes in the hallway. When she walked into the living room, she saw that Nolan was making dinner in the kitchen, she threw her purse on the couch and walked up to him. When she saw what kind of food he was making, she said in surprise, “ You’re making Buffalo chicken wings?”

He chuckled deeply and replied, “I saw you like this on the day of our outing, so I tried to make some.”

Maisie hugged him from the back and pressed her cheek on his back. “I like everything you make.”

Nolan cocked his head to look at her and said, “Go wash your hands. Dinner is ready.”

She walked to the table and sat down. After Nolan had served all the food, Maisie hurriedly took a piece of the Buffalo chicken wings into her plate.

Nolan took off the apron and looked at her. “ What does it taste like?”

Maisie lifted her head and nodded. “It’s even tastier than the one my cousin made.”

After that, she picked one up and sent it to Nolan’s mouth. When Nolan was tasting the chicken wing, she giggled and said, “Right?”

“Yeah,” he replied faintly. “When you eat something you made yourself, it tastes just average.”

Maise pouted.

‘Just average? His cooking skills are comparable to those of a five-star hotel chef. He’s such a humblebrag.’

Maisie blinked and said, “What about I make it for you next time?”


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