The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1246

chapter 1246

Nolan took a bowl, fetched himself some soup, and laughed out loud. “I don’t expect you to cook anymore. You’re the one who’s going to make money and feed me.”

Maisie took the soup bowl and chuckled. “It’s very expensive to feed a CEO.”

Nolan was about to say something when his cell phone rang. He narrowed his eyes and answered the call when he saw the caller ID. “ What’s the matter?”

The other party said something to him through the call, and he responded with a light hum. “I’ll be there tonight.”

When the call ended, Maisie looked at him. “ What’s wrong?”

Nolan’s lips curled slightly. “There’s a gathering tonight, and your classmate will also be there.”

Maisie knew who he was talking about and clicked her tongue. “My classmate? Isn’t he your cousin too?”

Nolan became even more amused. “He’s also your cousin.”

As night fell, the city became decorated with lights. The VIP Room #1 of the hotel’s restaurant was filled with well-known figures in the field. As the Cliffords expanded their cross-strait business, it was only natural for veteran directors and CEOs in the industry to come and join in. Apart from Nolan, Anthony was also invited.

Nolan and Jackie were cousins, and since this matter had not been made public, almost no one knew about it. Everyone thought that he was there out of courtesy.

Nolan drank with several directors who came to him and proposed a toast. He then lifted his head and brought the wine glass to his lips, but before he took a sip out of the glass, he saw Anthony appear with his daughter, Naomi.

Naomi came with her father, and she did not understand the reason her father would bring her. It was not until she entered the private room that she realized that not only her but several daughters of the other CEOs and directors were also present.

Anthony walked toward Nolan, who smiled and nodded at him. “Uncle Topaz, you’ve come too.”

“Yeah, I brought Naomi over to let her get in touch with the circle more. After all, she’ll be in touch with them more frequently in the future,” Anthony said with a smile.

Naomi only nodded at Nolan and greeted him politely. At this time, a director called Anthony over, so he turned around, told Naomi to wait for him, and went away.

Because she was unfamiliar with anyone present, Naomi looked around and thought that Maisie would also be there, but unfortunately, she was not.

Nolan put down the wine glass and saw Naomi looking for someone. “Zee didn’t come with me. Are you looking for her?”

Naomi was stunned for a split second. She then waved her hand and smiled. “That’s fine.

There’s no need to bother her.”

Nolan explained lightly, “You’re Mr. Topaz’s daughter. Those people won’t do anything to you, so don’t worry.”

Several directors’ daughters looked in their direction and were surprised by what they saw.

‘Since his marriage, Mr. Goldmann has always been a great husband who loves and pampers his wife to the max, and he’s never taken the initiative to talk to other women. Yet, he’s having a conversation with the daughter of the owner of Eastwood Enterprise?

‘That’s unbelievable!’

A voice came from behind. “I thought you wouldn’t even show up. I didn’t expect you to do me this honor.”

Naomi turned her head in doubt, and the elegant and handsome man with gold- rimmed glasses who was approaching them was the man who had been playing the piano that night.

Nolan looked at Jackie, who was coming over with a lukewarm attitude. “I’ll still have to save my cousin some face.”

When Jackie heard the word “cousin”, the smile on his face stiffened slightly. His gaze then landed on Naomi’s face, and he was astonished. “Miss, you look very familiar.

Have we met somewhere else?”

She nodded politely. “Mr. Pianist.”

“Oh yeah, it turns out to be you.” Jackie picked up the wine glass on the table and smiled. “I didn’t expect to see you again.”

Naomi smiled.

At that moment, Anthony walked over with several veteran directors, and they introduced Jackie to him, “This is the grandson of Elder Master Clifford from Octavia, Mr. Jackie Clifford.”


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