The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1248

chapter 1248

“It’s no wonder that Mr. Topaz brought his daughter over tonight. This seems to be his intention.”

Listening to the comments of the people around him, Anthony smiled without saying a word.

‘I do hope that Naomi will get into too much contact with an excellent man like Jackie.’

At 9:00 p.m. Nolan had left the banquet and returned to the Blue Bay villa.

Maisie was dumbfounded when she saw him coming back so early. “Why did you come back so soon?”

Nolan undid his tie and took off his jacket. “ The dinner was boring, so I wanted to come home earlier to accompany my wife.”

Maisie sneered and took the jacket from him. “ Why? Wasn’t there a pretty woman at the dinner party?”

He hugged Maisie from behind, buried his face in her hair, and smirked, “other than you, other women are all men to me.” ‘

She turned around and pressed her finger against his lips. “You’d better watch out for that glib tongue of yours.”

He responded lightly with a hum, straightened his posture, and gently rolled up his sleeves. “ I met Naomi at the banquet.”

Maisie was stunned and could not help but wonder. “Naomi is there too?”

He walked to the couch, sat down, and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Specifically, Anthony is the one who brought her there, probably with the intention of making a match out of Naomi and Jackie.”

Maisie was slightly startled.

‘Anthony wants to make a match out of Naomi and Jackie?’

She thought of something and walked over. “ Does Mr. Topaz not know about Naomi and Francisco?”

“All these happened only because he knows.” Nolan hugged her. “Naomi came to me and asked me to speak to her father about his prejudice against Francisco.”

Maisie looked at him and said nothing.

He sounded serious and rigorous. “But it’s a matter between the two of them. It’s pointless to rely on others to speak to someone about his or her prejudice. They have to resolve it themselves.”

Maisie remained silent.

‘What Nolan just said isn’t wrong. Anthony’s prejudice against Francisco is nothing more than the result of the scandals that Francisco had had in the past. Besides, Anthony only has one daughter, so he’s always been very cautious in order to protect his daughter. He doesn’t approve of Francisco only because he is worried, isn’t he?

‘Naomi fell into a coma due to an accident during her university years. After more than ten years of being in a coma, she has been isolated from all sorts of social interactions and has never had any form of contact with any man.

‘After regaining her consciousness, Anthony has been loving and protecting his daughter even more. He doesn’t agree with the idea of Naomi being together with Francisco only because of the consideration of a father.’

Nolan took her to his thigh and sat her down. “ What are you thinking about?”

Maisie lifted her gaze to look at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m thinking if our daughter were to fall for a boy you don’t like in the future, would you do the same to them?”

Nolan’s own words choked him. He cleared his throat and looked away. “It’s too early to think about this now.”

“Time flies, doesn’t it? The kids will turn into adults in just a few more years, and then — Hmmm!”

Nolan had sealed her lips. “We’ll talk about it when the time comes.”

Maisie was at a loss for words.

The next day, at Soul…

Naomi was still sitting alone in the staff restaurant, but she had no appetite, she kept staring at her phone from time to time as Francisco had not replied to the text message that she sent him last night.

She did not raise her head until someone sat down across from her. She raised her head and was stunned instantly. “Ms. Vanderbilt?”

Maisie smiled and put down her tableware. “ Lucy has taken a leave of absence. I saw you’re eating alone again, so I’ve come to accompany you.”

Naomi lowered her gaze and did not say anything.

Seeing that Naomi was looking at the screen of her phone from time to time, Maisie could not help but ask, “Are you waiting for Francisco’s message?”

She was flustered again.

Seeing her reaction, Maisie laughed. “I know everything about you and Francisco. Actually, Francisco is quite a nice person.”


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