The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1249

chapter 1249

It was probably Naomi’s first time listening to someone else praise Francisco. Naomi lifted her head and looked at Maisie. “Ms.

Vanderbilt, do you think he’s a good man too?”

“I went to the training camp for more than half a month back in the day, and back then, Francisco was…” Maisie stirred the soup in the bowl. “Should I say unruly and very active? But he’s indeed become a lot more mature now.”

Naomi pursed her lips. “I… I didn’t know him before, but I don’t care what he was like before.”

“Why do you like him?”

Maisie’s words made Naomi think of the question that Francisco had asked her three times before this.

She lowered her gaze. “I don’t know that either. I just think that he’s a fine man.”

‘Is it because I saw his kind gesture at the hospital? Or is it because he saved me from certain embarrassment by paying for my coffee at the cafe? Or maybe it’s because of that time when he helped me out when we rammed into the rear-end of someone else’s car and were almost scammed of our money?

‘I don’t even know the answer myself.’

Maisie supported her chin with one hand. “If you really want to be together with him, I believe that even your father can’t stop you. You two are facing difficulties because of your father’s disapproval. So, you’ll still have to face the things that you must face. You can even face them together.”

Naomi lowered her gaze and smiled. “Mr. Goldmann has told you…”

“His grandfather didn’t think highly of me back then either, but Nolan insisted.” Maisie looked back at her past disdainfully. “Nolan and I have gone through a lot of things just to get to where we are today, and that includes life and death. But after all that we’ve gone through, I’ve never regretted marrying him up until today.”

Naomi was astounded. After a while, she seemed to have understood something and said with a smile on her face, “Yes, I won’t give up on us.”

At the same time, at the District’s Attorney’s Office…

Francisco and his colleagues came out of the building and saw Anthony standing in front of a car. Francisco said something to the people next to him and walked toward Anthony. “ What brings you here, Mr. Topaz?”

Anthony glanced at him. “I’m here for you.” Francisco guessed it was probably because of this matter, so he nodded. “Are you here because of Naomi?”

“Yes,” Anthony answered without hesitation and then added, “I’m here to askyou to break up with my daughter.”

On his way back, Francisco recalled what Anthony had told him and tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

“I might as well tell you everything directly. Nelly is a simple and pure girl because she got into an accident at university, which caused her to fall into a coma for more than 10 years. Even when the hospital informed me that she could only be in a vegetative state and that the chances of her regaining consciousness were extremely slim, I did not give up on her.

“She had been isolated from the world for so long and had never been in contact with others from the outside world. The changes in the outside world are still fresh to her, so perhaps she likes you only because of her ignorance of the romantic relationship aspect of things.

“She might not care about your past, but I only have one daughter. Her mother abandoned her in under a month after giving birth to her. I’m the one who’s gone through all the hardships to bring her up. So, I can’t watch my daughter get abandoned again someday in the future, and I don’t believe that you can provide her with a future.”

The ringtone of Francisco’s cell phone interrupted his thoughts. He picked up the cell phone and took a glimpse at the caller ID. It was a call from Naomi.

He hesitated for a few seconds and was about to answer, but when he shifted his gaze away from the phone’s screen, an oncoming car made him turn the steering wheel abruptly.

• • •

Naomi stood in the corridor to make the call, and she was astonished as she stared at the screen in confusion when the call was hung up.

When she tried to call him again, nobody was there to answer the call. Naomi put the phone down.

‘He must be very busy now. Did I disturb him?’


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