The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1253

chapter 1253

Maisie was in deep thought for a long time. “ Yes, but I could feel his love for me, so I wouldn’t have let it become a regret.”

“Hmm.” Naomi looked down and gave a sad smile.

When people who loved each other couldn’t be together, it was just because they didn’t love each other enough. Why would two people who loved each other a lot let it turn into regret?

She liked Francisco, but did he feel the same?

Since he had given up so easily, maybe he just wasn’t that into her…

The week after that, Naomi and Lucy worked at the store, and she slowly recovered.

Naom sat in her new office and was doing some design work when a colleague appeared outside her door. “Naomi, a handsome man is asking for you outside.”

Naomi’s heart skipped a beat, she stood up and walked out to the corridor, when she got there and saw the person waiting for her, there was Jackie, disappointment flashed across her eyes, but she recovered quickly.

She felt pathetic for her own naivety as she walked toward him. “Mr. Clifford, why are you here?”

Jackie turned to face her. “I’m sorry for interrupting.”

“You didn’t.” Naomi smiled. “But how did you know that I’m at the store?”

“Your dad told me.”

Naomi paused. “My dad told you?”

He nodded and looked at her. “It’s a little embarrassing. My grandfather wants me to get a girlfriend while I’m at Bassburgh, but the girls I know are married or working overseas.”

Naomi paused. “Are you trying to…”

Jackie smiled. “Don’t worry. I don’t insist. It just happens that I know you, so I’d like to ask for your help.”

She was curious. “How do you want me to help?”

Jackie put his hand under his chin. “We could pretend to be dating, so my grandfather stops worrying. He gave me an order, but I don’t want to end up in an arranged marriage with a woman I don’t know.”

Naomi wouldn’t want to be arranged to marry someone she didn’t know either.

She looked down. “But how long could we keep up the act?”

Jackie smiled and said. “Don’t worry about that. Since I’ll be here for a long time, I might meet someone that I like, and when that happens, you won’t need to play along anymore.”

Naomi agreed, even though she wasn’t sure why. It was probably because she no longer had a relationship with Francisco, so even if she agreed to this fake relationship, he wouldn’t mind.

After Jackie left, he got a call from Maisie right when he got to his car. “How can I help you, old friend?”

Maisie teased him. “Is it too embarrassing to call me your cousin?”

He chuckled. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t do it. Shoot.”

She was direct. “Let’s meet.”

Maisie waited in the cafe, and Jackie showed up not too long after that. He walked to the seat across from her and sat down. “What is so important you have to tell me in person? Aren’t you afraid that your husband will get jealous?’

Maisie crossed her arms and leaned back. “ I’m meeting you openly, so there’s no point for him to be jealous. You went to see Naomi?”

Jackie raised his eyebrows. “There’s a spy in the store?”

Maisie chuckled. “Have you fallen for her?”

“No.” Jackie sat up straight and put his hand under his chin. “I just don’t want to keep getting set up to meet a different woman every time I have dinner. Their intentions were too obvious, and Ms. Topaz… is the opposite. It turns out that I need someone to help keep those pesky women away from me.”


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