The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1254

chapter 1254

Maisie frowned. “So you picked her?”

The server brought over a cup of coffee, and Jackie moved it next to his hand. “Her father wanted to match-make US, so it would be normal for me to pick her.”

Maisie rubbed her temples. “So, you’re not really interested in her?”

“She isn’t interested in me either. I don’t like to make people do things.”

She smiled, “oh, you didn’t make anyone do anything at the hotel.”

Jackie was rendered speechless.

Maisie put her hand under her chin. “I feel better hearing you say that. I need your help with something too.”

The news about Naomi and Jackie dating spread quickly, and it got to Anthony too. Even he was shocked.

Naomi was having dinner at the table when he rushed home and looked up. “You’re back.”

“I just finished work.” Anthony put down his briefcase, pulled up a chair at the table, and suddenly asked, “Nelly, how did you and Mr. Clifford…”

Naomi smiled. “Didn’t you wish that I would end up with him?” Even though she was just pretending to date Jackie, she couldn’t tell her father the truth.

Anthony paused. He did hope that his daughter would end up with Jackie, but that was too soon. He didn’t believe that it was that simple.

He looked at Naomi. “Nelly, do you like him?”

Naomi paused, and after a while, she looked at him. “Dad, would you let me marry a man that I don’t have feelings for?”

Anthony choked and looked down. “No way. Of course I want you to marry someone you love—”

“But the man that I like doesn’t feel the same way for me anymore, so it doesn’t matter who I end up with, right?” She smiled sadly, put down her cutlery before she even finished eating, and went upstairs.

Anthony froze on the spot and frowned. He didn’t know if what he had done was right, but he knew it was for his daughter, and that wasn’t wrong. If Francisco wasn’t sincere with his daughter, he would do everything to get her away from him.

The next day, Naomi let Jackie send her to the office as usual, when she got out of the car, Jackie called out to her.

She looked back and saw him walking over. “ What is it?”

Jackie put the scarf he was holding around her neck, which made her pause.

“Alright.” Jackie tied it up and smiled, “It looks good on you.”

Naomi knew they were pretending, but the act of putting on a scarf was something a real boyfriend would do, so she was confused.

She smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Jackie waved. “Run along.”

Naomi nodded, turned around, and entered the office building. After she disappeared into the building, Jackie looked over to a corner.

She went into the elevator, but someone suddenly popped up behind her, and before she could react, the doors closed.

She struggled to free herself but paused when she saw the familiar face under the hat. “You »

• • •

Francisco took off his hat. “Are you in a relationship with Mr. Clifford now?”

It sounded like he was interrogating her.

Naomi pressed her lips together. She hadn’t seen Francisco for a long while and never thought he would show up, but he did.

She turned her face away. “It doesn’t matter to you who I’m with now.”

He smiled. “You’ve changed.”

‘Changed?’ Naomi’s heart ached, and she balled up her fist. “You’re the one who wanted to break up. We’re no longer together, so should I still miss you?”


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