The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1261

chapter 1261

Anthony lowered his gaze. He was really startled when he heard about Naomi and Jackie’s engagement. After all, the two youngsters had not known each other for a long time, so he was worried about the sudden blitz marriage, not to mention that Francisco had just broken up with her not long ago.

Because he was a little concerned and did not dare to let his guard down, he talked to Nolan. After all, Nolan had some connections with the Cliffords.

He also learned about the truth from Nolan, saying that Jackie was having a fake relationship with his daughter. Jackie had already had a marriage agreement before he got to know Naomi, and the other party was the daughter of the king of casinos in Octavia. It was a marriage that the two families recognized.

Jackie’s fake engagement with Naomi was to test Francisco’s attitude. Although Anthony was a little furious when he learned the truth, the news was indeed better than Jackie approaching his daughter only to cheat on her.

“Dad.” Naomi sat beside him and wrapped her arms around his arm. “Francisco does love me sincerely. Please let US be together.”

Anthony looked at her. “You actually turned to a fait accompli tactic. You don’t even care about what I think now.”

Naomi leaned on his shoulder. “I know it’s not the right thing to do, but I really like him, and he really likes me too.”

Mrs. Irving came over with a plate of fruits, left the plate on the table, and said with a smile, “Master Topaz, the young lady has grown up. You should give her the power to choose the type of happiness that she wants. Besides, I can see that Mr. Boucher is treating his relationship with the young lady seriously.”

Anthony was astonished. “How did you know that?”

Mrs. Irving could not help but chuckle. “He’s been standing at the doorsteps for such a long time. If he’s not sincere and serious about their relationship, who would choose to wait outside in such cold weather?”

“He’s outside?” Naomi stood up and hurried out.

The moment she opened the door, she saw Francisco standing in the yard. The cold wind was gusting against the corners of his windbreaker, and he turned around to look at her with a faint smile on his face.

Naomi ran straight toward him, plunged into his arms, and hugged him. Francisco’s smile intensified upon looking down at the person in his arms.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve come? And why would you stand out here in the cold wind?” Naomi caressed his freezing windbreaker, wondering how long he had been standing there.

Seeing that she was feeling sorry for himself, Francisco rubbed the top of her hair. “I wanted to see you, but I was afraid that your father wouldn’t welcome me into the house, so I could only wait here.”

Her eyes were bloodshot, and she buried herself in his arms again. “But I’d feel really bad if you were to fall sick.”

“Ahem ahem.” The sounds of Anthony clearing his throat made Naomi pull herself away from Francisco’s arms, lower her head, and wipe her tears away.

He walked toward the two of them with a sulky face and glanced at Naomi first. “I finally understand why all my friends claim their daughters are like dead fish. Both are just not keeping wares.”

He then glared at Francisco immediately, and Francisco nodded at him. “Mr. Topaz.”

Anthony snorted. “If it weren’t for my daughter’s stubbornness and determination, I wouldn’t want you two to be together.

However, since it’s inevitable, it’s useless for me to stop you two now.”

Naomi smiled when she heard this. “Dad, does that mean you’ve changed your mind?”

“What else can I do?” Anthony pretended to be exasperated. “Would you do as I say if I were to insist on disagreeing with you? The only thing that’s working in my favor is that the Bouchers live here in Bassburgh, so you guys are nearby and within reach. I’d be devastated if you were to get yourself married somewhere far away.”

After saying so, he glared at Francisco. “ You’re allowed to be with my daughter now, however, Mr. Francisco Boucher, if you treat my daughter badly, I’ll bring her back to the Topazes myself.”

Francisco was astounded for a moment. He then laughed and turned to look at Naomi. “ Don’t worry, Mr. Topaz. I’ll never give you a single chance to do so.”

Anthony snorted. “You better keep this in mind.”

At the Blue Bay villa…


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