The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1262

chapter 1262

Maisie stood on the balcony and was talking to someone over the phone, when she ended the call, a jacket was draped over her shoulders.

She looked back at the man who hugged her from behind. “Why have you come home so early?”

Nolan chuckled. “The company has nothing much that requires my attention today, so I’ve come back earlier.”

Maisie turned to look at him. “Francisco and Naomi have gotten together for real this time around. It seems that the fake engagement was quite effective.”

“You’re the only person in this world who would think of asking Jackie to help them out.” Nolan gently rubbed the tip of her nose and narrowed his eyes. “But judging from his personality, he wouldn’t help you out without asking for anything in return. So, how did you get him to say yes to your proposal?”

Maisie sneered, stood on tiptoe, and wrapped her arms around his neck. “That’s all thanks to you.”

He frowned. “Thanks to me?”

“You’re his cousin, so how can he not show you some respect? He wouldn’t be able to maintain his business here in Bassburgh in the future if he didn’t agree to help, right?” Maisie laughed.

Nolan smiled helplessly.

‘My wife has been swaggering around the city, doing whatever she wants with my name. But what can I do apart from spoiling her with it?’

At the bridal shop…

Naomi tried on the wedding dress, and the moment she walked out from behind the curtain, Francisco could no longer take his eyes off of her as if she had outshone everything in this world.

Being stared at made Naomi feel a little embarrassed. “Is this wedding dress… Does it look nice?”

“Yeah, it looks great on you.” Francisco walked toward her, raised his hand, and stroked the ends of her hair. “It suits you perfectly.”

Her cheeks flushed in an instant.

Samantha and Kennedy walked up to them. Seeing the intimate interactions between his son and Naomi, Samantha could not bear to disturb them.

Kennedy laughed. “I didn’t expect that Francis is also getting married now.”

“Yes.” Samantha covered her mouth and grinned. “I finally got to the day where I get to witness this brat walk down the aisle with someone else.”

Francisco brought Naomi to Samantha. “ Mother.”

Naomi nodded politely. “Hello, madam.”

Samantha took Naomi’s hand with a wide smile on her face. “I’m so delighted to see that you two are about to get married. I can finally rest assured and worry less about my son.”

Naomi and Francisco glanced at each other lovingly and smiled. Their hands clenched tightly as if they had been glued to each other, causing them to be inseparable.

The engagement banquet that was supposed to be held at the end of the month had been turned into Francisco and Naomi’s wedding ceremony. The venue was set up outdoors, and the decorations looked exceptionally romantic. It was like a sea of pink and white flowers, which felt extremely dreamy.

A Bentley was parked outside the venue, and Maisie took Nolan’s arm as they got out of the car.

Helios walked over with a wine glass. “You guys are finally here.”

Maisie looked at the two of them. “You guys should have some catching up to do. I’ll go and pay the bride a visit first.”

Nolan watched as she disappeared into the crowd, and Helios patted him on the shoulder. “Let’s go. There’s a toast.”

Maisie entered the white tent and saw the bride, Naomi, who was sitting in front of the mirror and putting on her makeup.

Barbara turned her head. “Yo, let US welcome the latecomer.”

Naomi turned to look at her as Maisie walked to her side. “You’re finally the bride of the day. Are you happy?”

Naomi nodded with a smile. “I’m very happy to be able to marry someone I love.”

“We seemed to think so too when we got married.” Barbara recalled the emotions that she felt during her wedding.

‘Being able to get married to someone I love is the most beautiful thing in life.’

The wedding was about to start, and the guests were ushered to their seats one after another. The moment the live music was played, Naomi entered the venue slowly, wrapping her arm around her father’s.

The flower girls on both sides of the red carpet threw rose petals in the air. The bride’s white and flawless wedding dress looked like a blooming flower, and the veil was dragged straight behind her. she also held onto a bouquet as she walked toward Francisco, standing on the stage.


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