The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1266

chapter 1266

It felt as if a long decade had passed before it ended. Tanner hugged Pearl from behind while his fingers twirled around the hair behind her neck. “Don’t even think of leaving me. Even if you hate me, we’ll have to torture each other.”

Pearl didn’t respond, and her eyes were dead.

The next day…

Maisie sat drinking tea in her private room when the woman who had just walked in looked at Maisie curiously.

After the server left, Maisie put down her cup and smiled. “Take a seat.”

That woman carefully sat down across from her. “Why did you ask to meet me?”

“You’re Ms. Santiago’s assistant, right?” Maisie poured her some tea. “I would like to know something about Ms. Santiago.”

The assistant was a little surprised. “Do you know Ms. Santiago?”

She answered, “We’re acquaintances.”

The assistant had to be careful. “I’m not sure what you would like to know about her. Are you trying to investigate her through me?’

Maisie scooped up some soup. “I’m investigating, but I mean no harm.”

Seeing how concerned the assistant was, she raised her brows. “I saw Ms. Santiago at the hospital yesterday.”

“What?” The assistant was shocked, “why was she at the hospital?”

Maisie looked around. “I’m not sure either, but I heard the nurse say that she was in trouble. It seemed to be torture because there were marks on her body.”

The assistant looked down and was silent.

Maisie looked at the woman who was in deep thought. “I figured that you must know something since you’re her assistant.”

The assistant looked worried with both her hands on her thighs and seemingly worried about Pearl.

Maisie said with sincere eyes, “Can you tell me about her situation?’

The assistant sighed and looked tired. “This must be about Mr. Hannigan taking revenge on her.”

Maisie was curious. “Revenge?”

She nodded. “I don’t know what his intentions are. He canceled the wedding but wouldn’t let her go. Especially after Mr. Hannigan’s other woman jumped, he’s been blaming everything on Ms. Santiago.

“Mr. Hannigan believes that Ms. Santiago caused the woman’s miscarriage, but Ms. Santiago was at the office the entire day, and he was there too. He missed her phone calls but blamed Ms. Santiago for it.”

The assistant wanted justice for Pearl and sounded sadder and sadder. “She used to love Mr. Hannigan, but he hurt her first.

“He pretended to be so in love with her but always felt that she wasn’t good enough. He played with her heart and then went back to his lover. Why does he think he has the right to hurt her?”

Maisie listened quietly and didn’t say a word.

Meanwhile, in the apartment…

Pearl was sleeping in bed. She was asleep for a long time, and when she woke up, she realized that she was covered in sweat, and there was a towel on her forehead.

She turned around and saw Tanner resting at the side of the bed. she removed the towel from her forehead and carefully sat up.

The movement of the mattress woke Tanner up. He opened his eyes and saw that Pearl was getting out of bed, so he grabbed her, “Where are you going?”

She was tired. “The bathroom.”

Tanner pressed his lips together and then suddenly carried her into the bathroom.

He put her down, but she lost her balance and put her hand on the wall. Tanner’s eyes went dark after seeing how weak she was, and he turned around. “Call if you need me.”


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