The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1267

chapter 1267

Pearl beamed, then closed the door while deep in thought. After she came out of the bathroom, Tanner placed a glass of warm water on the table and left the bedroom.

She sat on the bed and looked at the glass of water, she couldn’t help but sense the irony as she took the glass and lay back down.

When she woke up again, it was already afternoon. She felt better, and the heaviness lifted too.

She walked out of the room and sighed in relief when she didn’t see Tanner around, she made some spaghetti in the kitchen, and since Tanner had taken her phone and there were guards outside, she hadn’t been able to speak to her family in more than a month. Even if she went out, he had to agree to it first, and someone would follow her.

She lived in torture and faced nothing other than pain. The only time she could relax was when he wasn’t around.

However, he returned very soon and saw that she was making food. He walked over. “Is your fever gone?”

Pearl nodded. “Yes.”

He loosened his tie. “Make one more portion.”

She nodded again.

After cooking, she placed it on the table, and Tanner looked at the pasta but didn’t move. Pearl picked up a fork and started eating without caring if he would.

Tanner looked at her. she seemed to be gentler, maybe because she was sick.

It was like when they first met and when she wasn’t prickly.

Pearl finished her food and put down the fork. “Can I go home?”

Tanner frowned. “That would depend on my mood.” He stood up and walked to the bedroom.

Pearl looked down and bit her lip, then got up and went into the room too. She saw Tanner was smoking in front of her window. “I haven’t been in contact with my family in a long time. Can’t I go back and take a look?”

Tanner flicked the ash from the cigarette away and turned his body sideways to look at her. “ Is this the attitude when you’re asking for permission?”

She lowered her voice. “I beg you.”

Tanner crushed the cigarette and walked toward Pearl, who pressed her lips together and was facing him, pretending to be calm.

He grabbed her by her chin. “You want to go home?” She blinked while Tanner leaned in. “ Make my client happy, and I’ll allow it.”

Pearl balled up her fist, but her pale lips parted. “Okay.”

That night at Glitz…

Pearl walked into the private room with Tanner. There were a total of five people in there, and the middle-aged man sitting in the middle smiled and got up to pour him a drink. “Did our Mr. Hannigan bring his girlfriend?”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” He took the wine glass and turned to look at Pearl. “Pour some wine for Mr. Saldana.”

Pearl pressed her lips together, took the wine bottle, and poured the man some wine.

Mr. Saldana looked at her with creepy eyes. If she weren’t Tanner’s girlfriend, he must have brought her to serve and drink with him. He flashed a big smile. “If you’re not his girlfriend, I’m going to ask her to drink with me.”

Tanner didn’t say anything, so Mr. Saldana took that as approval. He grabbed Pearl by her shoulder and brought her to the couch. Pearl didn’t make a sound even when she wasn’t willing.

Mr. Saldana poured a glass of whisky and pushed it to her lips. “Here, drink one glass for me.”

She peeped at Tanner, who didn’t care, and slowly took over the glass. Mr. Saldana happily picked up his glass and clinked it with hers.

She drank the whisky, and the taste of alcohol burned her throat and went straight to her stomach, making her cough.

Tanner looked at her, and his expression looked dark.

“I… I should just drink wine. I can’t handle whisky,” she said quietly.


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