The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1268

chapter 1268

Mr. Saldana was in a good mood, so he didn’t mind her request and gave her some wine. “ We have plenty of alcohol. Drink whatever you want.”

Tanner smiled, but his eyes weren’t smiling. “ You seem happy with the woman I brought over.”

“You have great taste. I’m happy with this one.” Mr. Saldana put his arm on the back of the couch and smiled. “I wonder if you’re willing to hand her to me?”

Tanner’s hand that was pouring froze, then he put the bottle down next to his hand. “You like this one?”

“Of course, she’s a pretty lady.” Mr. Saldana looked her up and down and touched his chin. “She’s different from the other girls I see here, she looks pretty decent. If she didn’t show up with you, I would have thought that she was from an affluent family, where did you find her?”

Pearl grabbed the wine glass tightly.

Tanner looked at her, and his eyes grew dark. “ As long as you’re happy with her.”

He drank all the wine in his glass. At that moment, two girls who worked at the club walked in, and Mr. Saldana asked them to sit next to Tanner. “Serve Mr. Hannigan well tonight.”

“Yes, sir.” The girls agreed.

During their conversation, the two women kept throwing themselves at Tanner and pouring wine for him. Tanner was neutral about it. Other than drinking, he mostly ignored the two women.

Mr. Saldana hugged Pearl and happily chatted as if she were his prized possession.

Pearl kept pouring alcohol for him and just kept quiet the entire time, she only forced a smile whenever Mr. Saldana looked at her.

Tanner slammed the glass down, which made everyone look at him.

Mr. Saldana was surprised.“Mr. Hannigan, what’s this?”

Tanner clenched his jaw and chuckled. “It’s getting late. I have to send her back.”

“Send her back?” Mr. Saldana was obviously upset when he put down his glass. “Mr.

Hannigan, are you telling me that you’re taking her away?”

‘She isn’t a gift for me?’

Tanner sat up straight and fixed his suit. “I want to let her stay, but she has a complicated background. I would be put in a tough spot if you took her away.”

Mr. Saldana was surprised and looked at the silent Pearl. “You mean to say that someone with a complicated background is escorting me?”

Tanner smiled. “If I brought a common woman, you’d probably not going to be happy, so I had to bring her.”

He slowly stood up and poured himself a glass, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Saldana.”

Mr. Saldana frowned. He wasn’t happy that what he thought was his was being taken away. “Mr. Hannigan, are you toying with me?”

Tanner smiled a little less. “I’m not toying with you, sir.” He looked at the light reflected in the drinks. “If Mr. Santiago knew that you have his daughter, it would be hard for US to explain if he questioned US.”

Mr. Saldana’s expression changed a little. He knew who Mr. Santiago was, the owner of La Perla Group. But he didn’t expect that this woman was his daughter!

But wasn’t she his ex-fiancee? How could he bring her over as an escort? That was toying.

No matter how brave he was, he wasn’t brave enough to take advantage of Ms. Santiago.

In the end, Pearl and Tanner left the private room with her walking behind him. She didn’t understand why Tanner was angry—she had followed his instructions and drunk with Mr. Saldana.


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