The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1270

chapter 1270

Tanner looked back, started the car, and drove away.

When they returned to the apartment, Pearl took a shower. When she was done, Tanner, who was smoking on the bed, crushed the cigarette bud in the ashtray. “You can go home tomorrow.”

He got up and walked toward her, then placed his hand on her cheeks and kissed her.

Pearl didn’t fight back but instead fell into his arms and made herself accept his kisses—her eyes were still empty.

He didn’t tie her up that night but instead kissed her when he felt like it. They were in a heated situation, but she just felt cold. She couldn’t see the sympathy in his eyes in the dark, and he couldn’t see her hatred.

The next day, at the Santiagos…

Tanner sent Pearl there, and Mrs. Santiago walked quickly over after he got out of the car. “Pearl!”

She pulled her into a tight hug, her heart aching. “I’m sorry.” She let go of Pearl and touched her face. “You’ve lost so much weight. Are you unhappy?”

After she said that, she looked at Tanner, who had just gotten out of the car, with an angry expression.

Pearl looked away and said with a hoarse voice, “Mom, I’m alright, don’t worry about me.”

Mrs. Santiago saw how forced her daughter’s smile was and almost cried, she wasn’t happy, and she could tell.

“Since you’re back, let’s not just stand around …” She wanted to bring Pearl into the villa, but Pearl stood there and turned to look at


Mrs. Santiago saw how her daughter was still listening to Tanner even when she was at her own home and immediately scolded, “Mr. Hannigan, I’m happy that you sent my daughter home unharmed, but I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to get involved with our reunion?”

Tanner smiled. “Of course not.” He walked to Pearl, hugged her by her shoulder, and leaned in. “I’ll come to get you in the afternoon.”

Pearl saw a warning in his eyes and didn’t answer, she then walked into the villa holding her mother’s arm.

At that moment, Tanner got a call from Helios and put his phone to his ear. “Hels, what’s up?”

Helios asked, “Are you free? Do you want to meet me at the equestrian club? I haven’t met you ever since I got married.”

Tanner got back into his car. “Alright, I’ll go over now.” After he hung up, he looked toward the villa and drove away.

Tanner parked his car at the equestrian club. There weren’t a lot of people there, only six or seven people riding their horses. There was an open-air cafe, and Helios sat there in his riding gear. He looked like he had just finished warming up.

Tanner walked over and pulled out a chair. “ Why did you suddenly want to meet up? Aren’t you busy?”

Helios asked for the server and watched while Tanner ordered a cup of coffee. “I have some free time today. I wanted to ask Louis, but he had to spend time with Ryleigh before the birth of their baby.”

Tanner was stunned. “Their baby is due?” “Yes, the due date is in these three days.” Helios slowly drank his coffee and then looked at him. “We’re all married now. What about you? I saw the news about Ms. Santiago and you a while ago.”

Tanner looked down with a slight change in his expression. “There’s nothing going on.”

The server brought the coffee over and put it down.

Helios looked at Tanner. “Mr. Santiago came to see me.”

Tanner placed the cup to his lips but paused and looked up. “when?”

“The day before yesterday.” Helios put his cup down while looking calm. “He said your wedding with Pearl has been called off, but there seems to be some misunderstanding between you two. He wanted me to talk to you.”


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