The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271

Tanner laughed, and his facial expression stiffened slightly. However, he did not say anything in return.

Helios looked at the horse rider on the racecourse and said, “We’ve known each other for quite a long time, and I know you1 re someone who wouldn11 give up on a relationship that easily. Although I don’t know what is happening between you and her, Mr. Santiago seems to be very worried about his daughter.”

“Helios,” Tanner smiled, “It’s better for you to stay out of my business with Pearl.”

“I don’t plan to interfere,” Helios replied as he sipped on his coffee. “But here’s some advice for you. stop before it’s too late.”

Tanner fell silent.

After a short while, Tanner left. Helios looked at his figure and fell into contemplation.

Meanwhile, at Soul…

“Mr. Santiago asked Helios to persuade Tanner?” Maisie looked at Barbara.

Sitting on the couch, Barbara sipped on her tea and smiled. “Yeah. He came to the mansion the other day and asked my husband to persuade Tanner to leave his daughter alone.”

After she finished speaking, she put the cup on the desk and turned her head around to look at Maisie, “ Honestly, I don’t know why Tanner has to torture her like this. It was him who abandoned his fiancee at the wedding and ran away with his lover. Ms. Santiago got the short end of the stick, and now, it’s still her.”

Maisie lowered her head, pressed her lips tightly, and did not say anything in return.

She learned from Pearl’s assistant the reason for Tanner’s “revenge” on her, but was this really about ” revenge” only?

After a long while, Maisie said, “Can you get an appointment with Pearl for me? I want to see her.”

Barbara was stunned. “Why? You can just go to her house if you want to see her.”

Maisie sighed. “I’m afraid she may not want to see me if I go to her house directly.”

“Did something happen between you and Pearl?” Barbara asked.

“Yeah. We’ve had some conflicts in the past, and I was involved in that incident.”

Barbara fell silent for a short while before nodding. “ I’ 11 give it a try and see if I can ask her out. ”

Tanner came to the Santiago mansion to pick up Pearl.

As soon as Pearl got into his car, Tanner grabbed her neck and pulled her closer. “Did you know that your father went to look for Helios?”

Pearl was stunned.

He stroked her cheek with his fingers and continued. “ He wants me to let you go.”

He chuckled, but the smile did not stay long on his face. “Do you think it’s possible?”

Pearl raised her head to look at him, but she did not say anything.

Tanner grazed her lips with his finger. Suddenly, he withdrew his hand, and the cold expression returned to his face. “I’ll only let you go if Sandy comes back to life. But that’s impossible, so don’t even think about it.“ 1

He started the engine.

Setting her jaw tightly, Pearl asked, “Did you cherish her while she was alive?”

“Shut up! ” he shouted. His eyes turned bloodshot as if she had pushed his buttons. Pearl gripped her fist tightly, and her nails stabbed into her finger. “ Actually, her death was your fault.”

“I said, shut up!” Tanner pulled her hair and dragged her in front of him. The veins on the back of his hand bulged as he gritted his teeth. “You just won’t stop talking about it, right?”

Pearl couldn’t feel the pain as she was numb to it. she looked straight into his reddened eyes. The slap he gave her last night had woken her up from her dream. She let out a cold smirk and said, “I was right, wasn’t it? Why didn’t you pick up her calls when she called you at that time? Didn’t you think I was dirty? why did you not think so when you slept with me— ”

Tanner raised his arms high in anger, and she closed her eyes when she saw his hand was coming down at her. However, she waited for a long while, yet she did not feel any pain.

Tanner grabbed her chin and looked at her coldly. “ You’re provoking me so that I’ll kill you, right?”


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