The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272

Pearl did not say anything in return. Tanner let out a scoff, and his face turned even grimmer. “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you.”

He tightened his grip on her chin and continued. “I won’t let you die so easily. After all, there are many ways to torture you.”

Her face turned pale slightly, and her breathing became heavy. Tanner flung her back into her seat and quickly drove away.

Tanner dragged her into the bathroom when they were back in the apartment. He filled the bathtub with cold water and threw her into it without any hesitation.

The water soaked through her clothes and splashed all over him. The biting cold water wrapped around her, and she was so cold that she shivered. Before she could do anything, Tanner grabbed her hair and hissed. “Why must you force me to do this? Do you really want to die so much?”

He pushed her head into the water, causing her to struggle with all her might, she gasped heavily for air when he scooped her out of the water. However, he pushed her into the water before she could recover.

Seeing that she did not struggle this time, he picked her up and looked at her. She was panting and shivering, while her face was bloodless due to the coldness. He clamped his hand on his cheek to force her to look into his eyes and snarled, “Do you still want to do that again?”

Pearl was cold, and her teeth were chattering. Her eyes were bloodshot from the water, and they were filled with intense hatred, “why not?”

At that moment, Tanner felt a surge of powerlessness filling him whole. The dull pain in his chest spread deep into his stomach pit. He was equally soaked, and he couldn’t feel the sting from the cold anymore.

Covering his face with his palm, he gradually calmed himself down.

He rose to his feet and went out of the bathroom.

Pearl hugged herself tightly in the bathtub. Perhaps she was already accustomed to the coldness, so the water felt warm to her. she lowered her head and cried silently.

Tanner did not come back in the next three days, while Pearl fell sick and coughed nonstop after the incident in the bathroom that day. When the doorbell rang, she went to the kitchen to get herself a cup of warm water.

She put the cup down and went to open the door.

When she saw the woman outside of the door, she was stunned. “You are?”

Barbara raised her head and smiled. “I’m Helios’ wife. My name is Barbara chase. Pleasure to meet you.”

Pearl supported herself by grabbing the door and craning her neck to look outside. “How did you get up here? where are the bodyguards?”

“Bodyguards? I didn’t see anybodyguards,” Barbara said with a slightly confused voice. After that, she smiled at Pearl and said, “I know that Mr. Hannigan lives here. I guessed you would be here, so I came to look for you.”

She looked at Pearl and realized that her countenance was ashen-pale. It seemed to her that Pearl was sick, so she asked, “Are you alright, Ms. Santiago?”

“Yes, I’m alright,” Pearl replied as she stifled a cough. “I just caught a cold. Anyway, what do you want from me?”

Barbara lowered her head and licked her lips. “I wonder if you’re free to go out for a meal or something.”

Pearl looked at her and said, “If you want something from me, then just say it. I… I can’t leave here.”

“Is Mr. Hannigan holding you captive?” Barbara noticed something and frowned. “Ms. Santiago, your father came to my husband the other day. I know what’s going on, so if you need my help— ”

“I don’t need your help. I’m sorry.”

Just when Pearl wanted to close the door, Barbara stopped her. “Wait!”

She paused for a few seconds before continuing. “ Alright, I’ll be honest with you. Someone wants to see you.”

“Who wants to see me?” Pearl asked.

Barbara pressed her lips and answered, “Maisie.”

• • •

Maisie was waiting for Barbara in the coffee shop.

After a short while, Barbara appeared, and when she did not see Pearl, she knew she had rejected Barbara.

“I tried my best, but she refused to come with me.” Barbara took off her jacket and took her seat. “So, I told her that you wanted to see her.”


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