The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274

Ryleigh carefully carried the baby in her arms, she was stunned when the baby grabbed her thumb with his little fingers. “So, all babies are so tiny when they are born?’

“That’s right. Louis was this tiny as well when I gave birth to him. His skin was all wrinkled up, and he was ugly,” Larrisa chimed in.

Louis was rendered speechless, and Ryleigh chuckled.

Louis sat at the side of the bed and took the baby over from Ryleigh. The baby started crying as soon as he was in Louis’ arms. He panicked and asked, “why is he crying?”

Maisie walked over. “Come, let me carry him.”

She took over the baby from Louis and held him in her arms, she patted the baby gently with practiced ease. After a minute, the baby stopped crying.

Larrisa came over and laughed. “It seems like he likes you very much, Maisie.”

The nurse brought the baby back to the nursery.

Maisie and Barbara did not stay back since they knew Ryleigh needed to rest, so both of them left the hospital.

Late at night, Tanner stood at the bedroom door and hesitated to go in. His cheeks puffed up, and he frowned deeply upon hearing the continuous coughing inside. In the end, he turned the door handle and entered the room.

Pearl was lying on the bed. An ashen hue overspread her face, and she looked sick.

Tanner walked over to the bed and put his hand on her forehead. It seemed to him that she had a fever again.

He pulled the drawer open and took out the antipyretic medicine she didn’t finish last time. He got a cup of warm water and sat by the bed. He lifted her up in his arms and fed her the medicine.

Pearl’s eyes rolled around in her socket as she slowly opened her eyes. The bedside lamp was bright and stung her eyes. As she slowly came around to her senses, she looked up from below, and Tanner’s silhouette became clear in the light.

She lifted her hand slowly and smacked the cup away.

The cup fell to the floor and shattered just like her heart at that time. The sudden noise shattered the silence, and the atmosphere in the room became more depressing.

She thought he would punish her again, but after a long while, Tanner just held her shoulders and helped her lie back down on the bed.

Pearl looked at him and asked, “Aren’t you angry?”

Tanner was stunned and lifted his head to look at her. There was a sarcastic smile in her eyes as if she was laughing at his actions.

“You should be angry that I don’t accept your kindness.”

She got up from the bed and went closer to him. “Just throw whatever tricks you have at me. If I can make it through, you can keep torturing me. If I can’t make it through, then I’ll die. It’s not a big deal.”

Tanner’s face turned grim, “stop it. You have gone too far. I don’t want to fight with you today.” “Is it me or you that has gone too far?”

Pearl looked at him intently, her gaze so sharp and cold that Tanner couldn’t bear looking at her. He pushed her away and shouted, “stop it, Pearl! ”

Pearl let out a cold smile after she was pushed away by Tanner, she lifted the covers and got out of bed. “ You keep showing me affection again and again, and you refuse to let me die. Could it be that you’ve fallen in love with me?”

His chest was heaving up and down vigorously, and his expression changed.

“What the h*ll are you talking about?” His steps faltered, but he forced himself to calm down. “Do you think I would fall in love with a despicable and indecent woman like you?”

‘Despicable? Indecent? So this is how he thinks about me?

She should have known that long ago, so why bother to ask for anything else?

Tanner’s heart clenched, and a pang shot through him upon capturing the disappointment in Pearl’s eyes.

Had he fallen in love with Pearl?

How could he fall in love with Pearl?

Sandy wouldn’t have lost all her hopes and killed herself if it weren’t for her. Therefore, he would never fall in love with Pearl. Yes, never!

He grabbed her shoulders tightly and said through gritted teeth, “Pearl Santiago, I warn you. stop saying nonsense like this in front of me. I won’t let you die because I want to torture you. I want you to live to pay for everything you did to her. I’ll never, ever fall in love with you!”


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