The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276

Tanner drove to the beach and saw a person standing under the lighthouse not far away. He braked the car abruptly, got out of the car, and dashed straight toward the lighthouse, not even bothering to answer the ringing phone.

“Pearl!” Tanner ran towards the figure. “Don’t—”

Pearl plunged into the ocean without hesitation, and the turbulent sea engulfed her whole.

The icy seawater blocked all sounds the moment she jumped into the sea, wrapping her sinking body. An arm held onto her, and Tanner carried her upstream.

On the shore, he placed his hands one over the other, pressed them against her chest, and performed CPR. The bone-piercing chill stiffened his entire body, but he did not dare to stop, not even for a moment.

“Pearl, please—” Tanner’s arm muscles contracted and relaxed over and over again as he continued performing CPR. “Please wake up! ”

Several cars parked behind Tanner’s car, and Helios led his men out of the car.

One of the bodyguards pointed to the lighthouse. “ Over there!”

Everyone rushed straight to the lighthouse. Helios saw what happened and got someone to call for an ambulance immediately.

“Mr. Hannigan, leave it to US.” A bodyguard was about to take over, but Tanner evaded. “Get away! ”

The bodyguard stood in place and looked at Helios in embarrassment, so Helios waved at him, motioning him to step back.

After a while, Pearl coughed and spat out water.

Tanner immediately picked her up, pushed the wet hair that was stuck to her cheeks with his palms, and exclaimed with a delighted expression on his face, “ Pearl!”

Pearl’s body trembled due to the sheer coldness, and her lips turned paler by the second. Seeing that she was shivering, the bodyguard took off his coat and handed it to Tanner. And Tanner wrapped her body in the coat and held her in his arms so that his body temperature could warm her up.

When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the medics brought a stretcher down from the ambulance and carried Pearl onto the vehicle.

Tanner wanted to follow them into the ambulance, and Helios handed him his jacket before he could do so. “Hurry up and put it on.”

Tanner took the coat from him. “Thank you.”

Antonio and Mrs. Santiago hurried to the hospital after learning about their daughter’s condition. Seeing that Tanner was standing in the corridor, Mrs. Santiago could no longer keep herself in check, so she rushed up to him and slapped him. “Are you even a human!?”

Helios and Antonio held her back, but she was so emotional that she could not calm down at all. she pointed at Tanner furiously. “Tanner Hannigan, you’re the one who left my daughter behind at the wedding ceremony! You’re the one who deceived her and played with her feelings first! What did she do to offend you? Must you force her to the extent of taking her own life!?”

Tanner did not even utter a single word. He only stood there and let Mrs. Santiago vent her emotions.

Mrs. Santiago covered her face and cried out loud, “ She doesn’t want anything, she doesn’t even want to see us anymore!”

Antonio hugged Mrs. Santiago, who was crying bitterly. Deep down, he felt extremely aggrieved and looked at Tanner with a dimmed expression. “Pearl has already fallen to this extent, so if you still have any conscience left in you, please don’t get anywhere near her anymore. In order to get your revenge, you forced her so harshly that she’d rather die, but what can you change by killing her?”

Tanner’s expression looked gloomy as he could no longer feel his feet, and the piercing coldness that he felt on his body was not something that a coat could warm up.

Antonio took Mrs. Santiago to a bench, sat down, and tried to soothe her emotions.

Helios stared at the couple whose daughter was suffering from a heartbreak, and his gaze landed on Tanner again. He approached and patted Tanner on the shoulder. “Go back home, take a warm shower, and change into some clean clothes.”

Tanner’s cheeks bulged. “No, I’ll wait here for her to wake up.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Santiago are herewith her.” Helios looked at the hospital bed. “Just let her family stay by her side for now.”

Tanner remained silent. In the end, he passed by Helios and left without saying a word.

Three days later, Pearl still had not woken up after such a long time.

Mrs. Santiago stayed by her bed day and night just to take care of her, and she looked so much more haggard and older than before.


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