The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278

Tanner quickly got up and ran outside to summon the doctor. 1

The doctor rushed into the ward to run a thorough check-up on her. Not long after the incident, Mrs. Santiago and Antonio hurried over.

“Pearl! ” Seeing her daughter sitting on the bed, Mrs. Santiago completely ignored Tanner’s existence, reached out, and caressed her cheeks excitedly, she could not help but cry. “My precious daughter, you’re finally awake.”

“It’s great that you’ve finally woken up. This is great.” Antonio seemed to be relieved, and a huge stone seemed to have been lifted from his heart at this moment.

Pearl looked expressionless. Even though she had regained consciousness, she had not uttered a single word.

Mrs. Santiago stared at her suspiciously and stroked the long hair that was hanging over Pearl’s cheeks to reveal her entire face. “Pearl?”

At that moment, Pearl moved her dry lips, and her hoarse voice sounded, “who are you?”

Mrs. Santiago and Antonio were immediately stunned.

The two looked at Tanner at once, who was also astounded.

He stared at Pearl, who lowered her head and was fiddling with her fingers. From time to time, she would look up at Antonio, Mrs. Santiago, as well as himself.

Not even a trace of hatred could be found in her eyes. To be precise, all the emotions in her eyes had disappeared, and she had forgotten everything.

Mrs. Santiago grasped the doctor’s arms with bloodshot eyes. “Doctor, what happened to my daughter? why doesn’t she remember any of US?”

The doctor reassured her and then explained, “From what we see, she should be suffering from transient amnesia. However, she hasn’t suffered from any head injuries, so strictly speaking, it might be a memory disorder that’s caused by psychological trauma.”

Mrs. Santiago asked immediately, “Then when will she recover?”

“If it’s transient amnesia, the time required for a full recovery depends solely on the patient’s condition.”

The doctor left the ward after explaining everything.

Mrs. Santiago’s footsteps swayed, and Antonio quickly supported her. She could not help but blame herself, covering her mouth and crying hysterically.

Tanner pursed his lips tightly, the hands that were hanging by his sides clenched into fists, and he suddenly felt powerless.

A few days later, Pearl still could not remember anything. However, Antonio and Mrs. Santiago no longer haggled over her amnesia. After all, forgetting something that happened in the past might actually do her more good.

Pearl sat on a garden bench and basked in the sun. She looked warm and pretty when the warm sunlight shone on her languid figure.

A shadow blocked her side vision, she froze, lifted her head, and stared at Tanner. With his back facing the light source, the contours of his face became even clearer.

He took off his coat and draped it over her.

Pearl looked at him curiously. “Why are you here again? My mother doesn’t seem to like you very much. You’ll be scolded again if she sees US together.”

She might not be able to recall anything, but she realized her mother’s not-very-friendly attitude toward this man. Her mother would drive this man away as soon as he appeared.

“She has all the right to not like me.” Tanner sat down beside her, turned to look at her, and raised his hand to stroke her hair. “I’m sorry.”

Her eyes twitched. “Why are you always apologizing?”

Tanner’s eyes dimmed. “Because I’ve done something terribly wrong.”

“What have you done?” she wondered.

“I fell in love with a woman.” He stared into her eyes and replied as he caressed the gauze on her cheek gently, “But I’ve hurt her.”

Pearl was slightly dumbfounded. “Then shouldn’t you apologize to that woman? Why would you apologize to me then?”

Tanner took a deep breath to suppress the emotions in his heart, but a hint of guilt still surged in his eyes. He wanted to tell her, but he was afraid of irritating her.

‘She doesn’t remember anything, and she’s forgotten about me. I really don’t know whether I should feel happy for her or sad for myself.’

After a long while, he opened his mouth and said slowly, “Do you want to hear about that woman and me?”


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