The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280 ‘I was thinking at that time, didn’t she want me to marry her? Her cautions, her understanding, and all her grievances were all fake?

‘It was not that I didn’t sympathize with her, but whenever I sympathized with this woman and wanted to make up for her, she gave me a feeling that she didn’t need me to sympathize with her.

‘Was she heartless? I didn’t know, and I didn’t want to know. Even though I had a fling with Sandy, and she actually knew about it, she had never stopped me. Was she so self-abased?

‘Actually, no, she was not self-abased. She was just colder and more heartless than any ordinary woman.

‘I started to feel like I could never see through her. She would be happy whenever I treated her better.

However, I had never seen her be happy, and I had seldom seen her smile ever since. Even if I offered to accompany her to dinner, she would always come up with any kind of excuse to avoid me.

‘Yes, she started avoiding me.

‘Perhaps it was because I had already gotten used to her being obedient and doing things my way all the time. I could not get used to it when she suddenly stopped behaving in that way.

‘And Sandy had already returned to me. Wouldn’t it be best to terminate the engagement?

‘But I didn’t want to terminate the engagement. I didn’t know what went wrong, let alone why I wouldn’t want to terminate the engagement. Was it because I had fallen for her?

‘But how could that be possible? How could I fall for such a filthy woman? Sandy was perfect, she was the ex I couldn’t get my mind off and the woman I loved. So how could Pearl even compete with her? she didn’t even deserve a chance to compete with Sandy.

‘But it was not until the other day when she ran into the indescribable scene between Sandy and me. A trace of surprise could be seen on her face at that time, and the disappointment that flashed across her eyes seemed to vanish in an instant. I clearly saw the loneliness that surged from the bottom of her eyes, but it was soon replaced with indifference.

“‘Sorry for disturbing you.” she stood still at the door for a second or two, then turned away and left.

‘“ Pearl! ” I panicked at that time. I put on my clothes and chased after her. I stepped forward and pulled her back, but instead of apologizing to her as I intended to, I let it slip out of his mouth. “Since you ’vé seen it, I won’t explain anything to you, but I don’t want anyone to know about this.”

‘I was shocked by my own words after they escaped my mouth, why wouldn’t I want her to talk out about it? I would be able to get the engagement terminated if she were to speak up about my relationship with Sandy.

‘The moment Pearl looked at me expressionlessly, I panicked. I was afraid that she might misunderstand or realize something, so I explained, “I don’t want to see anyone humiliating Sandy in public.”

‘She lowered her gaze and pursed her lips. “Got it.”

‘Looking at her silhouette leaving the scene, I covered my face with my palm. A strange feeling began to spread deep down, and I didn’t like how it felt, and I still firmly believed that Sandy was the one that I loved.

‘Except for that one time, I had never touched Sandy again. And when Sandy asked me if I didn’t love her anymore, I affirmed that I still loved her, but the reason that I gave her was that Pearl and I still had a marriage agreement. Thus, to protect the two families ‘ reputation, I could no longer get it on with her until the agreement was officially canceled.

‘I thought this explanation was reasonable too, but when I saw Sandy’s hesitation and melancholy, I began to ask myself if it was truly like that.

‘But I didn’t expect that Sandy would get pregnant after that one time.

‘When Sandy appeared at our wedding and told me she was pregnant with my child, my mind went blank. I stared at Pearl, but there was no expression on her face. She was calmer than anyone else present.

‘I didn’t want to leave her and take Sandy away. I would have stayed if she were to ask me to complete the ceremony at that time.’


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