The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1281

chapter 1281

‘But she didn’t.

‘Sandy’s pregnancy was like a ticking time bomb that had exploded right next to me and completely caught me off guard. On one side, it was the ex who I couldn’t get my mind off and was pregnant with my child; on the other, it was the woman who wanted to marry me. I really didn’t know what to do.

‘Whenever I saw Sandy cry, I would always think of Pearl. Pearl has never cried, and I’ve never seen her cry or show her fragile side to me ever since I got to know her.

‘When the engagement was canceled, and she moved out of the apartment, I couldn’t control my urge any longer and defiled her while I was drunk. I finally got my hands on the woman that I once despised.

‘She isn’t as bad as I thought, and it wasn’t that she couldn’t or wouldn’t cry. It was just that she didn’t care. It hurts me deep down when I see her crying. That’s why I didn’t want to see her cry.

‘It’s undeniable that I have feelings for Pearl. Perhaps I was already tempted from the moment I started paying attention to her or from the moment I felt a little strange about her deep down.

‘After learning that Sandy had framed Pearl for her miscarriage, and then the truth that she had once borrowed money from loan sharks, it became clearer and clearer to me that what I loved was the Sandy that I knew in the past, and what I couldn’t let go of was the beautiful emotions and memories that we had created in the past.

‘And when the flaws of the near-perfect person who gave me all those memories appeared, it became clear to me that everything was just an illusion, and the bubble formed by the memories I shared with Sandy popped in an instant. I couldn’t accept Sandy’s true colors, however, I could accept Pearl, whose past was even more unbearable than Sandy’s. Was it because Sandy had changed? In fact, it was not. It was only because of the change in my perspective.

‘I was the one who had changed.

‘If Sandy didn’t choose to commit suicide because she couldn’t accept that I’ve fallen in love with Pearl, I would have chosen to confess everything to Pearl. However, Sandy’s death was unacceptable to me. How could I still fall in love with Pearl like nothing’s happened after Sandy just died because of this?

‘Even if I do love her, I can’t do it. Sandy committed suicide because I fell in love with Pearl. That’s why I’ve attributed all the mistakes to Pearl. Yes, if she hadn’t appeared in my life, causing me to fall in love with her, none of that would’ve happened.

‘But all those are just excuses for me to escape reality. I didn’t want to admit I’m in love with an unbearable woman.’ • • •

Tanner took Pearl into his arms abruptly, and Pearl was stunned. He tightened his hug as if he was afraid that she would disappear instantly.

“I’ve let one woman in my life down, and I’ve hurt another one. I already can’t make it up to the woman I let down, but I want to apologize to the woman I hurt. I wanted to tell her that I’ve fallen in love with her, but she no longer remembers me anymore.”

Pearl was trapped in his arms, and while she was listening to his trembling apology, a drop of tear rolled down her cheek inexplicably.

• • •

Time passed by day after day, and it was already Christmas in a blink of an eye.

Maisie saw the two children decorating the house with bells and whistles. As soon as she stepped into the Goldmann mansion, she covered her face with her palm. “Daisie, Colton, must it be so exaggerated?”

Daisie climbed down from the ladder. “We decorated our classroom and school just like this last Christmas, so how is this an exaggeration?”

Maisie felt extremely speechless and helpless.

‘The whole mansion is covered in all the colors that can be found in a color palette, so how is this not an exaggeration? Sure enough, I just can’t understand the kids’ aesthetics.’

Daisie walked up to her, jerked the hem of her clothes, and asked, “Mom, can I invite a classmate over to our house to play on Christmas?”

Maisie paused and replied with a smile, “Of course, you can decide for yourself when it comes to inviting your classmates.”

Daisie nodded.

Colton, who was still arranging flowers by the side, clicked his tongue. “You must’ve invited that boy, haven’t you? I don’t understand what’s so good about him. He’s a feeble boy and sissier than Nollace.”


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