The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1282

chapter 1282

“Colton — ” Maisie wanted to stop him, but it was already too late.

‘He could’ve mentioned anyone, but he mentioned Nollace instead.’

Sure enough, when Daisie heard Noilace’s name, her delighted face dimmed in an instant.

Colton realized that he had misspoken and scratched his head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. Just invite whoever you want. I’m not—”

Before he could finish speaking, Daisie had already sprinted upstairs, and the slamming of a door followed the series of footsteps.

Maisie glanced at Colton, and the latter pouted. “I didn’t mean it.”

Maisie patted his head. “Go and comfort your sister.”

“I know.” Colton put down the flower in her hand and followed Daisie upstairs.

He came to Daisie’s room and knocked on the door. “Daisie, it was all my fault, and I’m apologizing to you now! So please open the door!”

Daisie, who was standing downstairs, heard Colton’s voice and could not help but chuckle. 1

‘Colton can be disagreeable and critical from time to time, but he does so only because of his love for his sister. And this kiddo sounds just like his father when he apologizes.’

Daisie had always been a pure and headstrong girl. She had gotten very used to being coaxed by her brother. Thus, her temper subsided quickly as soon as her brother apologized.

She responded from the inside of the room. “I heard you. You’re so long-winded.”

Colton crossed his arms and leaned against the door. “So, are you still angry?”

She replied loudly, “Of course, I’m still angry! The only way to relieve my anger is to give me ten presents tonight!”

The corner of Colton’s lips twitched. “Alright, alright, ten presents it is then.”

‘Sigh, raising a little sister is really not an easy task.’

At noon, Barbara came to visit with her child. Beatrice was already half a year old. Although she was still babbling, she looked much bigger in size than when she was two months old.

Daisie and Colton carried Beatrice and brought her along to play in the courtyard. Maisie sat in the pavilion and drank tea with Barbara.

Barbara exclaimed, “Christmas is quite lively for the kids, huh?”

Maisie responded helplessly, “Because it’s the time of the year when they get presents, Daisie is the happiest when it’s time to receive gifts.”

Barbara took a sip of tea and thought of something. “Have you seen Pearl since she lost her memory?”

Maisie shook her head, picked up the teapot, and poured tea for both of them. “Perhaps amnesia is a good thing for her. It’s sometimes a blessing to be able to forget about unpleasant incidents. Me getting to see her or not is no longer an important matter.”

Barbara said with a smile, “I just don’t know what will happen when she regains her memory.”

“Her life might’ve already been filled with good memories before she remembers the bad ones, so no matter how painful they are, they will be buffered. It depends on whether she’ll accept them after remembering them.” Maisie was referring to Pearl and Tanner.

After learning that Pearl had lost her memory, Tanner had been approaching her as a friend. Maybe he was trying to get her to accept him again and to make up for the mistakes that he had made.

However, despite wanting to make up for it, the damage had already been done. Pearl would not have lost her memory if it were not because of the despair she had gone through. Thus, Tanner’s efforts to be kind to her and to make it up for her would be at her mercy because everything would still depend on whether she could accept him again once her memory was restored. ‘

In the evening, the children started to get busy, helping to arrange the barbecue dinner in the yard. The butler asked the servants to help set the table, and there were various delicacies, snacks, drinks, and other foods on the table.

A Mercedes-Benz was parked outside the gate of the Goldmann mansion.

Daisie saw the person who got out of the car and ran over with a wide grin. “Zephir, you’ve come!”

Zephir smiled and handed her a Christmas present that he had prepared. “Merry Christmas, Daisie.”

“Thank you, Zephir!” Daisie responded with a smile and grabbed Zephir’s hand. “Come in, come with me!”

Zephir looked back at the bodyguard in the car and said, “Come pick me up at night.”


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