The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1283

chapter 1283

The bodyguard nodded and drove away.

“Mom!” Daisie took Zephir to Maisie’s side and introduced him to her, “Mom, this is Zephir, the friend I’ve been mentioning to you.”

Zephir greeted her politely, “Hello, Mrs. Goldmann. I study in the same school as Daisie. I’m currently in the sixth grade, and my name is Zephir Gosling.”

Maisie laughed. “It’s nice to meet you, Zephir.”

‘This boy seems very humble and polite.’

She then glanced at Daisie. “You’re in charge of your friend tonight. You have to entertain your guest well.”

Daisie nodded. “I know, Mom, I’ll definitely try my best to entertain him! ”

After Daisie took Zephir away, Barbara came over with Beatrice in her arms. “Your daughter is quite popular among boys, huh?”

Not to mention, as far as Daisie’s appearance was concerned, she was already very pretty­looking at the age of nine. She would definitely look breathtaking in another few years’ time.

Maisie rubbed her temples. “Yeah, this is the pain in my *ss right now.”

‘After becoming a parent, I really wish Daisie would look a little more ordinary. Although it’s not her fault that she looks good, I only worry about her future…’

As the night sky covered the surrounding in darkness, the Goldmann mansion’s courtyard was brightened up by the lights found around the garden, and the banquet was looking extremely boisterous. In addition to Zephir, Daisie had invited Lisa and Sapphie too.

Kennedy brought Sapphire over. Sapphire was already one year old and had learned how to walk. She could also babble a few simple words and address others.

Maisie picked Sapphire up. “Sapphie, I haven’t seen you in a while, and you’ve learned how to walk.”

Kennedy laughed along. “Indeed, kids grow very quickly. She still needed others to carry her around just a few months ago, but now, she sometimes doesn’t even let others pick her up.”

“Auntie! ” Sapphire called Maisie with her adorable voice, and Maisie could not stop laughing.

When Nolan and Helios came back, both of them were stunned.

Helios came over and said, “You guys actually organized a Christmas gathering.”

Maisie replied, “It’s Daisie’s idea, so whatever that makes them happy.”

She then put Sapphire down, and Sapphire teetered toward Daisie.

Barbara shoved Beatrice into Helios’ arms all of a sudden. “Hold her. I’m going to grill some food.”

After saying so, she ran toward the children and got together with them.

Helios could only stand in place and glance at her helplessly.

Nolan walked up to Maisie’s side and looked at the children, “why didn’t you tell me that Daisie wanted to organize a party earlier?”

“You’d surely arrange everything and pay for everything for Daisie if I were to tell you about this beforehand. You’d definitely reserve a high-end restaurant, wouldn’t you?” Maisie looked at him and crossed her arms. “We must encourage the kids to accomplish things on their own, and you can’t always solve problems with money. We must do something to develop such good habits in them.”

Nolan sneered. “My wife is correct. This is my fault. I haven’t been thinking about this thoroughly.”

Daisie taught Zephir how to grill a skewer, but Zephir did not seem to have grilled such food before this, so he looked as if he was fumbling through the skewers frantically.

Colton drank his drink and glanced at the two of them from time to time. Thinking that his sister did not care about him as much as she cared about an outsider, he was not very delighted about that.

Lisa turned to look at Daisie. “Daisie seems to get along quite well with our senior.”

Even she could not help but envy Daisie because she would always have someone around her who treated her well. Although the girls in her class did not like her, most of them were just jealous. Daisie had always been really popular among male students.

Colton snorted softly. “That idiot gets along with just about everyone, and she’s not afraid of being cheated.”

‘It used to be Noilace, and it’s Zephir now. I wonder who it’s going to be in the future.’

Lisa glanced at Colton, and as a bystander, even she could feel that Colton was very protective of his younger sister.


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