The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1284

chapter 1284

“Colton, hold on to these for me. The smoke just got into my eyes.” Daisie handed the uncooked skewers to Colton, who looked reluctant but grabbed them from her anyway.

Barbara picked up a tissue and helped her wipe her eyes, feeling rather helpless and funny. “How did you manage to get so dirty from only grilling a few skewers?”

Zephir looked at Colton. “Perhaps I can grill them for her?”

“I don’t need your help.” Colton squatted down and placed the skewers back on the grill.

Daisie smacked his head while he was at it. “ Don’t yell at my guest! ”

He talked back with a cowardly tone. “Alright, alright, I shouldn’t yell.”

Lisa sat in her seat, stared at the noisy but harmonious scene over at the grill, and looked a little downcast and lonely as if it was a scene that she could not fit into.

• • •

The Santiago manor looked relatively lonely and still compared to the bustling Goldmann mansion. Antonio was away because he had to deal with his company’s affairs, so Mrs.

Santiago and Pearl were the only ones having dinner at home.

Pearl had just eaten two mouthfuls of food when she suddenly felt nauseous. She covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom.

“Pearl?” Mrs. Santiago noticed something, and her expression changed slightly.

She bent over the toilet bowl’s edge, vomited, and then flushed the toilet. As soon as she got up, she saw Mrs. Santiago standing at the door solemnly. “Pearl, how… How long has it been since your last period?”

Pearl was startled for a split second, and she shook her head.

Mrs. Santiago knew that she did not remember anything, so it was pointless for her to ask her about that, but it was rather clear to her that her daughter might be pregnant.

‘Pearl has finally gotten rid of all her ties with Tanner, but getting pregnant at this moment is… Karma is really a b*tch.’

She grabbed Pearl. “Pearl, come with me to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow. If you really are pregnant… Just listen to me, and don’t let Tanner know about this baby.”

“Are you saying that I’m pregnant?” Pearl was bewildered, she could not understand how she had gotten pregnant and why her mother had asked her not to let Tanner know about the baby.

Mrs. Santiago lowered her head. “Pearl, don’t ask so many questions. Just listen to me.”

She did not want her daughter to have anything to do with Tanner because of this child. She did not want her daughter to get hurt again.

The next day, Mrs. Santiago took Pearl to the hospital for a check-up. And the result showed that she was seven weeks pregnant.

Pearl was at a loss the moment she saw the test results.

‘I’m actually pregnant!?’

Sitting on the bench in the corridor, she still could not get around the shocking news.

Mrs. Santiago hung up the phone and walked toward her. “Pearl, do you want to keep this child? If you want to keep it, all you need to do is give birth to it. Your father and I can help you to raise it.”

‘If such incidents hadn’t happened in the first place, I wouldn’t allow her to give birth to this child. After all, she hasn’t gotten married yet, so how will she be able to get herself married into a good family with a child in the future? But now, I no longer wish for Pearl to get married. If she wants to keep the child, at least the child will be able to accompany her in the future.’

Pearl looked numb. “I… I don’t know, Mom. I’m not prepared for this at all. How did I get pregnant? I really can’t remember…”

Mrs. Santiago hugged her, and her eyes turned bloodshot. “My silly child, just let it be if you really can’t remember anything. I’ll always be with you.”

Pearl calmed down a little, she bowed her head, lowered her gaze, and did not speak for a long time.

At noon, Tanner came to see Pearl at the Santiago manor and brought her many gifts.

Pearl sat absent-mindedly on the couch, and she was not listening to what Tanner said.

“Pearl…” He called her name softly.

Pearl raised her head to look at him, only to see him squatting in front of her, holding the back of her slightly cold hand. “What’s wrong, don’t you like the gifts?”


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