The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1285

chapter 1285

Pearl stared at Tanner and did not utter a single word.

‘I’m pregnant. But Mom doesn’t let me tell Tanner about this.’

Tanner claimed that he had hurt a woman before this, but he kept apologizing to her.

These things were constantly replaying in her mind like a fragmentary video. Even though she could not remember anything, she kept on feeling a sense of heaviness looming within her chest cavity, making it very difficult for her to breathe.

“Pearl, what’s the matter with you?” Tanner wanted to caress her cheek, but she ducked his hand abruptly.

“I feel a little tired. I wish to rest.”

His hand froze in mid-air, only a few inches away from her face. But seeing that she had said that, he slowly withdrew his hand and could not help but clench it tightly.

After a while, he stood up with a smile. “Then you should go and grab some rest first. I’ll come to visit you some other day.”

When Tanner was leaving the manor, Pearl stared at his back and did not know what to think about.

At Bassburgh’s airport…

Maisie got out of the car, only to see Saydie walking out of the exit with her luggage, she had not seen Saydie in almost a year, and there were some changes in her appearance. Her hair had gotten longer than before, and her shoulder-length hair was side-parted, she used to look like a tomboy, but she looked like a lady now.

Saydie walked up to her. “Ma’am, I’ve returned.”

“Welcome back.” Maisie was about to grab Saydie’s luggage from her when she immediately stopped her. “Ma’am, I’ll do it myself.”

She neatly placed her luggage in the trunk and then got into the car with Maisie.

Maisie asked Saydie about her parents while they were in the car, and Saydie kept quiet for a short moment before explaining, “They’ve built a new family. I’ve gotten used to wandering around freely, so living with them doesn’t suit my lifestyle much.”

Her parents now had four children and had long forgotten about the child they had abandoned, what her sudden appearance had brought to them was not a pleasant surprise but enormous pressure.

In the past, she could not get over the reason her parents would abandon her cruelly. She did not know why until she met her parents in person. It was because her parents had suffered to raise all their children, so they could only sell her to another party for the living expenses that they desperately needed.

Reuniting with the child they had sold back then had only made things and emotions complicated within the family.

Maisie looked at her. “It doesn’t matter. The Goldmann mansion will be your home from now on. You can stay here and continue to live with us.”

Saydie nodded and said seriously, “I’ll stay by your side wherever you go in the future. I’ll be loyal to you and only you for the rest of my life.”

Maisie lifted her hand to stroke her hair and could not help but laugh out loud. “Let’s just forget about the ‘being loyal to only me for the rest of your life’ part. You still have to get married in the future.”

“I won’t get married.”

Seeing that Saydie had suddenly gotten serious, Maisie stopped teasing her. “Okay, no matter what you want to do, just do it. I’ll support you wholeheartedly.”

Maisie took Saydie back to the Goldmann mansion.

Quincy just so happened to come downstairs and saw the person beside Maisie, who looked a little familiar to him. “Mrs. Goldmann, this is…”

“You’ve forgotten about her so soon?” Maisie smiled.

Quincy took a closer look at the person, and the familiar poker face finally reminded him who it was. “Is this Saydie?”

Quincy was very surprised. “Wow, that’s rare. Ms. Saydie, you’ve grown your hair. Have you made up your mind to quit being a tomboy?”

Saydie gazed at him calmly. The intensity and ferocity of her glare had not fallen behind after spending all those time away from the field, causing Quincy to make a wise choice to shut up immediately.

Maisie patted him on the shoulder. “Would you like to dance a little with Saydie in the practice room?”

Quincy gave off an awkward smile. “No, there’s no need for that. Love and peace have always been my life motto.”

Maisie shook her head and went upstairs to find Nolan.

Nolan was in the study, reading a magazine, and he raised his gaze when he heard footsteps approaching. “Have you fetched Saydie back?”

“Yeah.” she turned around, sat on his thigh, and wrapped her arms around his neck. “ She’ll stay in the Goldmann mansion from now on. Will that be fine?”


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