The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1286

chapter 1286

Nolan smiled and grabbed her by her waist. “ You’re the lady of the house here, but you can’t make a decision?”

Maisie leaned in half an inch. “I’m discussing with you, the lord of the house.”

Nolan carried her to the table and put his hands behind her on the table. He then put his lips close to her cheeks. “Our discussions would be more fruitful at night.”

Maisie chuckled and put a finger to his lips. “ That’s not a discussion. That’s a transaction.”

He laughed. “Transactions are so old- fashioned.” He then buried his face on her neck, brushing his lips against her skin. “ That’s part of the fun.”

Maisie felt ticklish, so she escaped. “You’re so naughty even during the daytime.”

He kissed her lips. “Ever since I met you, I’ve forgotten what not being naughty means.” His hand slowly unbuttoned her clothes.

At that moment, there was the sound of shattered china downstairs.

Maisie immediately pushed him away and tidied up her clothes. “What was that?”

Nolan hugged her. “Zee, don’t leave me hanging right now.”

He kissed her again, but Maisie put her palm to his lips. “Saydie is waiting for me downstairs. I can’t keep her waiting.”

After that, she smiled and escaped. Nolan tugged on his tie to release some heat.

Maisie walked downstairs. “What happened here?”

She saw the shattered vase on the floor and Quincy picking up the pieces. He jerked when he heard Maisie’s voice and slowly looked up. “ Mrs. Goldmann…”

Maisie looked at Quincy and Saydie. Before she could speak, Nolan’s voice echoed. “That vase was passed down from Elder Master Goldmann. it’s worth $4,500,000.”

Quincy immediately raised his arms when he heard that number. “Mr. Goldmann, I swear that this was just an accident, I—”

Saydie suddenly pointed at him. “I saw it, he broke it.”

Quincy looked at her in shock because that was an utter lie. He hadn’t broken it—she had!

He immediately stood up. “Mr. Goldmann, it really wasn’t—”

“We’ll take it out of your salary.” Nolan looked at him with no emotions. That was for interrupting him!

Quincy stood there like he was a statue. Maisie couldn’t help but laugh when she walked to Saydie. “Go pack your bags.”

Saydie nodded and looked toward Quincy when she pulled a face. Quincy almost fainted from anger. That was too much!

“Mr. Goldmann, look at her— ” Quincy wanted to complain, but Nolan looked mischievous. “Can’t even handle a woman.”

Quincy was rendered speechless.

A few days later…

Maisie walked past the study and heard Quincy’s voice. “I heard that Antonio Santiago has left the board of La Perla and has handed his shares to the deputy director. I think the Santiagos are going to migrate to another country.”

Nolan closed his file and put it on the desk. “ That’s a loss.”

Maisie entered the room, and the two men looked at her simultaneously. “When was that?”

Quincy replied, “Two days ago. It’s in the news. Antonio announced that he was leaving the board of directors of La Perla and handed the position to his friend.”

Maisie raised her eyebrow, “why are they migrating out of the blue?”

“Who knows?” Quincy shrugged. “Maybe they just needed a new environment. Antonio has been working his entire life, so I guess he’s retiring earlier.”

After Quincy left, Nolan stretched his hand, brought her over to him, and stared at her. “ What’s wrong?”


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