The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1287

chapter 1287

Maisie shook her head and sat on his lap. “I just think that it’s a waste. Antonio Santiago is quite a big name in the jewelry industry. He founded La Perla over 30 years ago and thought that he would be able to pass it to his daughter, but he probably never thought that it would go to someone else.”

He pushed her hair behind her. “Maybe Antonio knew that he had had a good run, but he didn’t teach or spend enough time with his daughter. After what happened, fame and fortune are no longer as important as family.”

Maisie paused and stared at Nolan. “If it was Daisie, would you—”

“Yes.” Nolan lowered his head and kissed her forehead, then leaned in closer to her. “I can give up fame and fortune as long as I have you.”

Her eyes welled up. She looked down and smiled when Nolan pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head.

At the same time, at the Santiagos’…

Mrs. Santiago finished packing her bags when she went into the study. She saw her husband standing in front of the photo frames on the bookshelf. His parents, his baby, their wedding, and Pearl’s pictures had all been taken in this house.

“Honey, if you can’t get yourself to do it, why don’t—”

“No.” Antonio turned around and faced her. “ We can leave once everything is packed. We’re not leaving forever.”

Mrs. Santiago’s eyes welled up, but she smiled. “That’s true. Let’s just spend New Year’s overseas this year.”

The car slowly drove into the airport.

Pearl and her mother sat in the backseat while she looked out the window—the passing scenery was like scenes from a movie.

Kamala held her hand. “Pearl, once we’re overseas, I’ll find the best doctor to work on your face, so don’t worry about it.”

Pearl turned to face her, smiled, and nodded.

On the other side, Tanner sped to the airport when he found out that Pearl was leaving.

He parked his car at the entrance to the airport and ran into the departure hall, searching for Pearl among the crowd.

He picked up his phone, but her phone was switched off. He dropped his arm, so anxious that he almost broke down.

Pearl sat in the departure hall with a hat on. Her hair covered the gauze on her face. She put her hand on her belly, deep in thought.

When the announcement to board the flight was made, Kamala picked up her luggage bag. “Let’s go. We need to board.”

Pearl nodded and followed her parents to the gate. They missed each other just like parallel lines.

After two months…

Maisie arranged for everyone at Soul to go on a break the day before New Year’s. They all left by noon, but she left after clearing up her work.

When she was closing her door, she saw Kennedy walking over. “Uncle Kenndy, why are you still here?”

Kennedy was bummed. “I left my bag in the office and returned to pick it up.” He looked at her. “You asked everyone to leave, but you stayed to work instead.”

She smiled. “I’m the owner, so I have to be responsible. By the way, Uncle Kennedy, bring Aunt Samantha over for dinner with US on New Year’s.”

She walked toward Nolan, who was waiting outside his car after getting out of the office building. He was in a suit and black coat but didn’t have a tie on, and his collar was unbuttoned.

She walked over, “why didn’t you wait in the car?”


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