The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1288

chapter 1288

Nolan put out his arm and pulled her in. “ Because I want to hug you.”

She laughed and flattened his collar with her hand. “It’s still early. I’d like to go somewhere before we go home.”

Nolan nodded and held her hand. “I’ll go with you.”

Maisie bought two bouquets of white roses from the florist and slowly drove into the graveyard, she walked to her parents’ graves with the bouquets. “Dad, Mom, another year has passed. I used to hate New Year’s because I didn’t belong in that family, but not anymore. I’m a mother now, and I have a husband who loves me, so you don’t need to worry about me anymore.”

Maisie looked down, took a deep breath to keep her tears back, and smiled at the photos.

On the way back, Maisie leaned on Nolan’s shoulder while he put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

The car parked in front of the mansion, and Daisie’s voice could be heard right after Maisie got out of the vehicle. “Mommy, Wayion and Grandpa are back!”

She trotted over, jumped into her arms, and happily looked up. “Are you surprised?”

Maisie laughed and pinched her nose. “I knew it already.”

Daisie pouted.

Wayion and Yorrick walked into the yard. Maisie and Nolan were both surprised when they saw Yorrick.

Yorrick patted Wayion’s head and raised his eyebrows at them, “what? Are you surprised to see me with your son?”

Nolan laughed. “You’re just here for the free meal.”

Maisie squinted. If Yorrick was here, Madam Hathaway and Xyla were probably there.

As expected, Madam Hathaway was having a good chat with her grandchildren in the living room with Xyla sitting next to her.

“Nolan, Maisie, you’re back.” Nicholas put down his teacup.

Maisie walked to Madam Hathaway and smiled. “We meet again, ma’am.”

Nolan whispered into her ear, “You should call her Grandma.”

Maisie paused.

Madam Hathaway chuckled. “It’s alright, that’s not important. I’m not married to that old man. I prefer ma’am.”

Maisie felt awkward.

Nicholas walked over with his crane and Quincy. “You’re still our family.”

Madam Hathaway picked up her teacup and calmly said, “I looked forward to it when I was younger, but not anymore. I’m glad I wasn’t married to that old thing.”

Titus, who usually had a hot temper, only kept quiet. It seemed that only Madam Hathaway was able to control him.

On New Year’s Eve, they all sat together for dinner along with Quincy and Saydie. It was a lively event.

Wayion peeled some prawns for his sister, and Colton looked at him. “You’re spoiling her again.”

Daisie stuck her tongue out at him.

Wayion was helpless. “You can’t win an argument against her.”

Colton tried not to laugh. Daisie heard something and turned to look at him. “You’re joking.”

Madam Hathaway couldn’t help but smile while watching their interaction. “Nolan and Maisie’s children are so energetic.”

Titus handed her some food. “Daisie is the talkative one. Colton and Wayion are more like Nolan.”

Titus said, “If you love children, get Yorrick and Xyla to make some.”

Xyla was surprised, then looked toward

Yorrick, who smiled. “We’re taking our time.”


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