The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1289

chapter 1289

Nolan calmly added, “There really isn’t a reason to be anxious for an old man who runs around a lot.”

Yorrick smiled amicably while everyone laughed. When they heard the sound of fireworks, Daisie put down her cutlery. “ Wayion, Colton, hurry up. It’s time for fireworks!”

The children moved the fireworks to the door, and Quincy helped them set them on fire. The moment the fireworks shot upward, the children laughed happily.

Maisie stood in the yard and watched the fireworks go off, then looked back at Nolan, who was looking at her.

• • •

There were no lights in the home. Tanner looked out the window. The busy city streets looked lonely, just like his heart. He took out his phone, and he had no idea when he had set Pearl’s photo as the lock screen wallpaper.

It had been two months since she left him.

When he heard the doorbell, Tanner slowly walked to the door and saw that Mrs.

Hannigan was outside. “Tan, come home. Your father is waiting for you.”

After a long time, Tanner looked at the dark room and said, “I’ll go back later.”

Mrs. Hannigan nodded. She turned to leave, but Tanner suddenly said, “Mom.”

Mrs. Hanngan paused and turned around to look at him in surprise. “What… did you call me?”

Ever since marrying Nathaniel, Tanner had never called her ‘mom’, she knew that she was just a stepmother, and it was understandable that he didn’t accept her.

But now that she heard him call her, she was overwhelmed with emotions.

He added, “Thanks for taking care of Dad all this while.” Tanner had been under the impression that Mrs. Hannigan had married his father because of the money and the status of Mrs. Hannigan.

But after his father fell sick, she never left him and instead took care of him without complaint. One needed to see people during their best and worst times to know who they really were, and that was something that Pearl had taught him.

Mrs. Tannigan’s eyes welled up. “Come home.”

Tanner went in and packed up some clothes. A diary fell to the floor when he opened up one of the drawers.

He paused, then picked it up, not remembering that he had a diary. A thought suddenly came to his mind, so he pulled up a chair and opened the diary, recognizing the handwriting. It was Pearl’s.

He was so weird, treating me hot and cold. I knew that he didn’t really love me, but I would believe him when he treated me too nicely.

turned him down when he asked me out, and he seemed to be angry. I didn’t want to say no at first, but I felt that there wasn’t a need for that. It was all fake, and I don’t want more problems.

It’s my birthday today, and I asked him to have dinner with me because I wanted to spend time with him, but he hung up on me. Never mind, happy birthday to me.

He’s with another woman. Does he love her?

wish that I could forget what I saw.

Why did that have to happen? I feel horrible.

am tired and want to leave him. I want to end this marriage.

Why wouldn’t he accept the breakup? Why would he want to tie me down when he doesn’t love me? I’m suffering. Why is he so cruel to me!?

will never forget how he judged me and his actions. It would be great if… I could lose my memory.

Tanner’s eyes blurred after reading that, and the tears that fell dampened the paper. His heart started aching while he put his hand to his forehead and laughed as his tears rolled.


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