The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1291

chapter 1291

The car stopped outside of the hotel. After that, Nolan and Maisie got to the restaurant. The fact that there was no one in the restaurant other than the waiters meant that someone had booked the entire restaurant.

The waiters stood uniformly in one line and greeted, “Welcome!”

Maisie walked to a white table prepared with a large bouquet of black roses on it. She couldn’t help herself and chuckled. After that, he turned around to look at Nolan. “This is the surprise you prepared for me?”

Nolan pulled the chair for her. When she sat down, he leaned closer and said, “It’s to celebrate that your dream has finally come true, Zee.”

He walked away and sat opposite Maisie. He told the waiter to get them a bottle of red wine. Resting her chin on her palm, Maisie looked at him and smiled. “It’s to catch up to you. But I still have a long way to go.”

He took over the red wine and poured it into the decanter.

“You can consider yourself very good if you can get into the top ten.”

Maisie lifted her eyebrows. “No. I can’t bring disgrace to you. I must get into the top three.”

Nolan grabbed the foot of the wine glass and swirled it gently. He lifted his eyelids to look at her and chuckled. “You have a great ambition, Zee.”

“Because I want to stand with you.” Maisie picked up her glass of wine and looked at him through the glass. “I don’t just want to be your wife. I want to be someone who can stand with you on equal ground.”

Nolan chuckled deeply and touched his glass with hers. “Then I’ll be looking forward to the day you chase up to me, Zee.”

Maisie and Nolan left the restaurant after finishing their meal, when they came out of the hotel, the woman that walked past Maisie made her stop in her tracks, she turned her head around and looked.

Hugging her, Nolan asked, “What’s wrong?”

Maisie looked at the familiar figure and frowned, she did not know why but the woman gave her a bad vibe. However, she shouldn’t be someone she knew.

She shook her head and said, “ Let’s go watch a movie. Didn’t Helios direct a movie? It’s his first movie that he directed, and I heard it’s pretty good. Let’s go support him.”

“Anything you say. After all, you’re in charge today.” Both of them went back into the car, and the moment the car was driven away, the woman emerged from the stairs.

She watched as the car slowly disappeared from her vision. She looked at her flawlessly crafted artificial face through the glass as a grim smile flashed across her eyes.

‘Maisie, Nolan, I’m back.’

The next day, at a coffee shop…

“Hey, I heard that you and your husband went to support Helios’ movie?” Barbara asked as she sipped on the coffee. Her daughter, Beatrice, was sitting next to her. She was two years old this year, and she was eating a cake.

There were bits of cake around her mouth, and she talked to her mother in a baby voice, “ Mommy, help me wipe my mouth.”

Barbara helplessly pulled out a tissue and wiped her mouth. “Am I your maid or your mother?”

Beatrice hummed and continued to munch on her cake.

Maisie couldn’t help herself and laughed. “Bea is just like Daisy when she was a kid. Both of them are foodies.”

Daisie, Colton, and Wayion were 13 years old this year. They had already grown up, and she missed the way they looked when they were little kids. They looked just like angels.

She could only stare at other people’s kids now.

She reached out to Beatrice and said, “Bea, can I have some too?”

Beatrice hesitated for a while before scooping up a piece with a spoon and handing it to her.

Maisie’s heart melted, and she pinched her cheek. “You’re so adorable. How about coming home with me? I’m sure Daisie, Colton, and Wayion will be very happy when they see you.”

Barbara smacked her hand away and said, “ Leave my daughter alone. If you want a kid, then go have one yourself. Judging from Mr. Goldmann’s wealth, I’m sure it isn’t a problem at all for him to raise six or seven kids.”

Maisie chuckled. “What am I? A sow? I don’t want to have a baby anymore. Three are more than enough. But if the little one was still here


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