The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1294

chapter 1294

“Maisie, do… Do you think I’m lying to you? I’m not lying!” Linda said flusteredly. It went without saying that she couldn’t tell Maisie that she knew about it. She was worried Maisie wouldn’t lend her the money if she told her.

“Linda, you should be well aware that I don’t like it when other people lie to me. People who have lied once will need even more lies to cover up their previous lies. If you knew the nature of the work when you signed the contract, then you deserve what happened to you today. If you were cheated, I will help you lawfully pay the compensation,” Maisie said calmly.

Linda was devastated when she heard what Maisie said. “Maisie, are you really not going to lend me $150,000? I’m your cousin! what do you care about $150,000 with your current status?”

“$150,000 are money too.” Maisie’s face turned stern. “Money doesn’t grow on trees. You indeed are my cousin, but I don’t have an obligation to help you. You should be grateful that I’m willing to lend the money to you, and you should never talk to me in that manner.”

Linda sat frozen stiff on the couch, she broke down and cried, “I have only three days!

Maisie, you aren’t me. You can’t understand what kind of life I’m living! Even if I go through the legal channels, they will get back at me, and I have no right to fight against them. All I can do is wait for death!”

“Linda,” Maisie said as she glanced at her deeply, “Who do you think is to blame for your current situation? I have given you a lot of chances, starting from the moment you chose to make one mistake after another, you should’ve known what would happen to you today.

“If a person refuses to change, then they can’t change anything.” Maisie rose to her feet and walked to the side. “You could have found a peaceful job and started over like Hector did, but you didn’t want to. If you trample on your dignity and don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you.

“You come to look for my help, but you refuse to tell me the whole truth. How am I supposed to believe that you’ll really turn a new leaf? How can I know that you’ll find a job to pay me back the money after I’ve lent it to you?”

Biting her lips, Linda rose to her feet and said, “Maisie, I was wrong about you. Now that you’re rich and powerful, you look down on your poor relatives! Hah, I really shouldn’t have come to you!”

After that, she stormed out of the office.

Maisie did not stop her from leaving.

When Linda came out of Soul in rage, she turned around to look at the building and shouted angrily, “Who do you think you are, Maisie!? Do you think you’re so noble? You have everything you have today because of Mr. Goldmann! Without him, you’re nothing!”

She was not Hector, and she would never lower her head before Maisie to beg her.

Just when she was about to leave, a white Land Rover stopped in front of her. The person inside rolled the window down, and when Linda saw the woman in the driving seat, she was stunned.

She had never seen a woman as pretty as her. She looked just like a demoness who would lure one into the abyss.

The woman smiled at her and asked, “Do you need my help?”

Linda was stunned. She looked at her hesitantly and asked warily, “Help what? Do you know me?”

“You’re Linda Vanderbilt, Maisie Vanderbilt’s cousin. You were married once, but you are divorced. Most importantly, you have a grudge against Maisie.”

When Linda heard that the woman knew her name and the fact that she had married before, she frowned. “Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know I can help you.” Cecile handed a name card to her. “I know what you’re working on right now and what is troubling you. When you’ve made up your mind, just give me a call. I’ll be waiting for you.”


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