The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1295

chapter 1295

Cecile rolled the window up and drove away, leaving Linda standing frozen stiff on the spot. She looked at the name card in her hand and pressed her lips thin.

In the evening, at the Blue Bay villa…

After Maisie finished her bath, she wrapped herself and her wet hair with a towel. She stood in front of her dressing table and pulled out her face cream.

When Nolan came into the room, he threw the jacket on his arm to the bed and hugged her from the back. He leaned closer and whispered into her ear, “What a surprise. The first thing I see after I come back is such a beautiful scene.

She looked at him back through the mirror and asked, “Sometimes I really wonder what’s in your head.”

He chuckled deeply. “What’s in my head? It’s all about you, Zee.”

She was applying cream on her face right now. She turned her head around, and just when she attempted to wipe the remaining cream on her hand to his face, he avoided her and grabbed her wrist. He giggled and said, ” You’re so naughty, Zee.”

When her attempt failed, she pouted and withdrew her hand. “You’re so cunning.”

Nolan hugged her and buried his face into her neck. He grazed her skin with his lips and asked, “Who is the cunning one, huh?”

She felt ticklish and tried to run away, “stop it, Nolan. If you don’t stop it now, I’ll…”

He looked at her with puppy eyes.

Maisie pounced on him, threw him on the bed, and tickled him, but it was ineffective against Nolan. He reached out for the back of her head and planted a kiss on her lips.

At that moment, her phone rang.

Maisie wanted to push Nolan away, but Nolan grabbed her arms and turned around to be on top of her. He pried her teeth open and deepened his kiss.

His breath was heavy and thick, just like a poison that would reap her of her consciousness. As if she was addicted to it, she was falling deeper and deeper into it.

In the meantime, the one calling Maisie was none other than Linda, who had gotten Maisie’s phone number from elsewhere. When she failed to get through to Maisie, she hung up the call in rage.

“Maisie, this is what you made me do! Don’t blame me!”

She pulled out the name card and called the phone number on it. Soon, the woman answered the call.

The next day, at Soul…

Maisie and Saydie walked into the lobby, and the staff in the lobby greeted her. “Ms.


She nodded back at them, while she and Saydie were waiting for the elevator, she turned to Saydie and asked, “Does my makeup look okay?”

Saydie replied, “Yeah, it looks fine.”

Maisie let out a sigh of relief, she had nearly come late to work because Nolan insisted on having an intimate activity with her this morning.

After both of them stepped into the elevator, Linda, who was hiding in the staircase, pressed the edge of her hat lower. Initially, she did not want to risk herself to do this either. However, that woman had promised she would give her $150,000, and Linda only had one day left.

Linda bit her lips. “Don’t blame me, Maisie.”

There were not many people in the morning, so she was able to slip into the pantry without any difficulty, she carefully pulled the packet of powder out of her pocket, and after a short moment of hesitation, she poured it into a designated teapot.

After doing everything, she took a picture of it and sent it to Cecile. When Linda heard the footsteps from outside, her face turned pale.

The door was pushed open.

The female staff was stunned when she saw Linda. “Who are you?” she asked.

Linda hurriedly willed the nervous expression away and forced a smile on her face. “I’m new here.”

The female staff was skeptical. “Why haven’t I seen you before? Which department are you working in?”

Cold beads of sweat were trickling down Linda’s back. When she did not know what to say, the receptionist came in. she had seen Linda before and said, “Huh? Aren’t you the woman who came to look for Ms. Vanderbilt the other day? What are you doing in our pantry?” ‘Yeah, I came to look for Ms. Vandervbilt the other day. She let me work here,” Linda said.


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