The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1297

chapter 1297

After saying that, Quincy stood with his arms akimbo and complained, “It’s not easy to be someone’s personal assistant nowadays. Delivering food for my boss is one of the errands I have to run while I’m not managing the company for him. And my salary gets deducted instead of increasing…”

Saydie glanced at him expressionlessly. “I’ll pass this message on to Mr. Goldmann without leaving out a single word.”

“Don’t!” Quincy shut up immediately and then looked around with an aggrieved face. “I was just joking around, Ma’am. I’m begging you. We’ve been working together for three years now. Can we please just live together peacefully?”

His gaze then landed on the report and thermos that were in Saydie’s hand. “What are these?”

Saydie handed the report to him. “See it for yourself.”

Quincy’s expression changed slightly when he skimmed through the report.

Saydie returned to the office and passed the report results to Maisie. She also reported to her that she had run into Quincy downstairs.

Maisie took the report from her and paused for a split second. “Did you allow Quincy to go through the content?”

She nodded and placed the snacks Quincy had handed her on the desk.

Maisie looked at the box of snacks and gave off a wry smile. “Nolan will definitely be exasperated again this time around.”

Saydie stared at her. “I think it’s you who should be livid.”

Maisie’s face dimmed instantly when she saw the sentence “Overdose can lead to shock and even death”, which was written on the test report.

Linda was taken to an abandoned unfinished building. The man kicked her to the ground as she cried and shuddered. “Mr. Donovan, I swear I’ll return the $150,000 to you tomorrow! ”

Mr. Donovan took a cigarette handed to him by his subordinate, and his subordinate ignited the lighter and lit the cigarette for him. He then took a sharp puff and exhaled the smoke. “Are you sure you can get the money by tomorrow?”

She nodded. “Sure, I’m sure!”

Mr. Donovan leaned over and puffed a mouthful of smoke at her. “But I can’t wait any longer.”

The smoke covered her face, and her body curled into a fetal position as she backed off tremblingly. The blood was drained from her cheeks, and she started to shudder even more vigorously. “W-What do you mean by that?”

He stretched out two fingers. “In order to compensate for the losses that I’ve been incurring these few days, the penalty will at least cost you another $150,000, making the whole payment worth $300,000.”

Linda’s tears gushed down like two streams. “ But… But $150,000 is the number that we agreed on.”

As soon as she said that, Mr. Donovan slapped her. “If you can’t pay me back, you’re coming back with me to serve my customers! ”

Linda got dizzy from all the slapping while she cried and nodded. “I’ll make it work. I’ll definitely make it work! ”

“Remember, it’s $300,000. I’ll give you hell if I don’t get the money by tomorrow.” Mr.

Donovan left with his men after giving her a warning.

Linda dragged her beaten self out of the abandoned building, sobbed softly as she picked up her cell phone, and called Cecile. “ Ms. Wolfsbane, I… I’ve done everything according to your instructions, can you… Can you please lend me $300,000 first? Mr.

Donovan just doubled the amount of money that I owe him all of a sudden. I have no other choice…”

She could only place all her hope on Cecile.

Cecile remained silent for a moment before speaking slowly. “Ms. Vanderbilt, Maisie is still alive and kicking, so how can you ask me to lend you the money with confidence?”

Linda held her breath as she felt chills shooting down her spine and all over her body. “Ms. Wolfsbane… What are you talking about? Didn’t you say that drug wouldn’t kill?”

Cecile chuckled. “An overdose could definitely kill someone, but you can’t blame me. You’re the one who spiked the drink with one whole packet of the drug.”

Linda froze in place.

‘I didn’t want to kill anyone! I’ve never thought about killing anyone! ’

“It seems you’ve failed in your mission, you useless piece of sh*t.” Cecile chuckled, but her voice still sounded cold. “But it’s alright. I won’t get into the details with you. I’m waiting for you across the road. Come over.”

Linda looked at the opposite side of the road, and a car was indeed parked at the roadside. However, what puzzled Linda was how Cecile knew she was there.


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