The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 13

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 13

Seeing that Nolan was really annoyed, Leila knew that it would not do her anything good if she were to provoke Nolan at that moment. 

She gnashed her teeth and bowed her head to the two children. “I’m sorry, kids. It’s aunty’s fault, so please forgive me.”

‘D*mn, I can’t take things lightly before I get to the bottom of this matter. They definitely can’t stay here if they’re really that b*tch’s children!’

Nolan looked at Daisie after Leila left.

Daisie suddenly raised her face and grabbed Colton’s hand. “Sorry, mister, we don’t want to eat anymore. We want to go home.”

Nolan was flustered, but thinking back to what happened just now, he knew that the children were probably frightened too. “Okay, I’ll send you back.”

“Never mind, we’ll go back by ourselves.” Daisie took Colton’s hand and left quickly.

Quincy looked dumbfounded. “Mr. Goldmann, these kids do have quite a temper, huh?”

Nolan did not respond to him but looked at the two small figures from behind. He was not sure what to think about at this moment.

Colton’s tears had already dried out when the two came out of the hotel. He even smiled while bragging to Daisie, “How was it? Aren’t my acting skills top-notch?”

However, Daisie could not laugh.

Colton looked at the redness and swelling on her cheeks and said angrily, “D*mn it, that old witch actually had the guts to hit you. I’ll never let her go when I meet her again!”

“Colton, that aunty is Willow’s mother. Is it true that Daddy won’t want to recognize us?”

Daisie’s eyes were bloodshot, and she had not felt any pain when she got beaten. However, she could not get by the fact that her father had only demanded Leila to apologize, not pressing the matter further. It was obvious that he did not care because she was that woman’s mother.

She felt that their father surely did not want them anymore, and she was a little disappointed with him.

Colton rubbed her cheek. “Don’t worry, that won’t be the case. That vicious woman has only blinded Daddy. Let’s wait a little longer. We’ll be able to reveal who our daddy is when the time is right.”

‘We can’t acknowledge him so easily now. Daddy will surely fight with Mommy for our custody if the person that he truly loves is Willow. He’s so powerful in Zlokova, and Mommy will definitely lose if he wants to pursue the matter through a lawsuit.

‘We have to wait for a while longer.

‘He’s not the daddy that we want if he keeps on protecting Willow. We can protect Mommy anyway! And we can afford to support Mommy through all this too!’

Daisie nodded. “Yeah!”

At Vaenna Jewelry…

Leila had been oppressed when she met Nolan, and the more she thought about it, the more she could not let it slide. Thus, she had rushed to Vaenna Jewelry to look for Maisie.

“Maisie, you b*tch, come out here!” Maisie could already confirm whose voice it was before Leila entered the office.

She was sitting at her desk, going through the information on the acquisition of the rough diamonds, and did not even bother to lift her eyelids. “Ms. Scott, can you quit b*tching around with the world ‘b*tch? This is really not a flattering quality.”

Leila walked up to her and glared at her fiercely. “You’re really quite a schemer, huh? You actually returned to Zlokova with two b*stards after six years later?”


Maisie closed the documents immediately and looked up at Leila indifferently. “What do you mean by that?”

“What do I mean?” Leila scoffed. “I met two children in a restaurant today. Now give it to me straight. Are the two children yours?”

“What children? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Maisie placed the folders down.

‘She saw them in a restaurant? Could it be that Ryleigh brought them to a restaurant for dinner?

‘No, I don’t plan to let the Vanderbilts know that I’ve brought my babies back as I don’t want to be threatened with my babies!’

“Do you really not know about this?” Leila looked at her suspiciously.

“Why do you think that they’re my children? I don’t even know them myself, but you’re blabbering here as if you’ve seen them in person before this.”

Leila wondered.

‘Is it true that those two children really don’t belong to this b*tch?’

“Ms. Scott, you’ve come over here and questioned me as if this is an interrogation just because you saw two children. Why are you so worried that the children are mine? However, no matter whether the children are mine, what does it have to do with you?”

Seeing that Leila did not speak for a split second, Maisie laughed. “You made it sound like I’ve given birth to your children. Instead of bothering yourself with issues related to me, I would advise you to care more about your daughter.”

“You!” Leila was so angry that she was speechless.

“What about me? It’s been years since my father let your daughter take over Vaenna Jewelry, and I’ve found a batch of adulterated rough diamonds now. So do you think my father would still give your daughter the management of the company if he were to know about this?”

Leila’s expression changed slightly. “What adulterated rough diamonds? Don’t you give me such crap.”

‘F*ck man, six years have passed, and this b*tch still has such a glib tongue?’

“But this is normal. You now live in a wealthy family, and all you care about now are only what to eat, what to drink, and where you can have fun. So why would you care about the company?” Maisie leaned back slightly. “If you don’t have the brain for the game, then learn from your daughter and build up your knowledge base. Don’t just learn how to dress yourself up like a tasteless nouveau riche.”

Leila blushed after being humiliated, but she smiled triumphantly as soon as she thought of something. “You were only born with a silver spoon in the Vanderbilts since you were a kid, but if your father hadn’t married Marina Gonzalez, I would’ve long been the missus of the Vanderbilts.”

“Then why didn’t my father marry you sooner?” Maisie’s chuckle sounded so exasperating.

Leila clenched her hands, gritted her teeth, and said, “Because as a man, he’d choose a woman who could assist him in his career first. Frankly speaking, your mother was really a pitiful woman. Even though she was the official wife, didn’t your father cheat on her in the end?”

Seeing how cold Maisie’s eyes were, Leila continued proudly. “Some people are destined to be bestowed with a good life, but it’s a pity that they run out of luck rather quickly too. You and your mother are classic examples of such people. Would your father marry your mother if she wasn’t a designer at the beginning? And would he cheat on her with me after three years of marriage?

“Men don’t like capable women and will choose the weaker side. I know your father’s preferences and know how to please him, while your mother only knew how to remind him to prioritize his career. All men will get tired of such a woman very easily.”

Listening to Leila’s pride and complacency in her action and her explanations regarding her observations, Maisie burst into laughter. “You’re right. A person will become invincible when they achieve a certain extent of shamelessness. If my mother could be as thick-skinned as you were, how could you have the chance to get yourself involved in her marriage?”

“You…” Leila was so furious that she could not utter a single word.

Maisie waved her hand impatiently. “Ms. Scott, if there’s nothing else that you wish to bring to my attention, please forgive me for the lack of hospitality. After all, your daughter has messed up the whole Vaenna Jewelry, and I think the company is truly tenacious enough to still be in business up to now.”

Leila folded her arms with a disdainful expression. “Don’t act so arrogantly just because you’re the world-renowned jewelry designer, Zora. You’re nothing when compared to Mr. Goldmann.

“Let me put it out there first. You’d better not have any thoughts about Mr. Goldmann. Willie is Mr. Goldmann’s true girlfriend, and you’re in no place to compete with her.”

Leila said so, turned around, and walked out of the office.

The smile at the corners of Maisie’s lips gradually disappeared.

‘I’m not interested in Willow’s boyfriend, but when it comes to Vaenna Jewelry, it’s something that I won’t let go of no matter what happens.’


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