The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 14

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 14

Leila may be angry with Maisie, but she had accumulated all the wrath within her. Thus, she went to Stephen and complained about Maisie as soon as she got home. 

Stephen put down the newspaper, obviously a little surprised. “Zee has returned to Zlokova?”

“Yeah, she’s now Zora, a world-renowned jewelry designer. I heard Willie say that she’s so bold that she doesn’t even care to flatter Mr. Goldmann, let alone Willie and I.”

Since Stephen knew that his daughter Willow was in a relationship with Mr. Goldmann, he had high hopes for her and valued her a lot.

Hence, it was only natural that he could not just sit back and watch from the side when he learned that Maisie was talking back to Mr. Goldmann. After all, not only did Stephen want the reputation and status, but he also did not want to offend the Goldmanns. How could he bear to sit on the bench through this whole incident and witness as his perfect son-in-law was being taken away from him?

Stephen folded the newspaper and put it down. “This girl, I haven’t seen her in six years, and she’s managed to provoke Mr. Goldmann?”

Leila sat beside him and held his arm, pretending to be aggrieved. “Yeah, right? I went to the company today to remind her about that out of kindness, but she… She scolded me.

“Dear, Zee has always listened to your advice the most. We can’t let her keep on acting so foolishly. We won’t know when Willie will be embroiled in Mr. Goldmann’s wrath for her. It’d be difficult to handle when that time comes.”

Stephen’s expression dimmed slightly as he suggested solemnly, “I will get that girl to come back home tomorrow.”

Leila was complacent deep down when she heard this.

‘I might not be able to talk back at you b*tch, but I refuse to believe that even your father cannot do anything about that foul mouth of yours.’


When they were eating dinner, Maisie saw that Daisie’s cheek was a little puffy and then creased her brows. “Daisie, what’s wrong with your cheek?”

“Mummy, we went to lunch with Godmother today, and we ran into Willow’s mother. That bad woman questioned us if we were your kids all of a sudden, and she even hit Daisie.”

Maisie’s expression turned gloomy instantly, and she almost bent her metal spoon. If it weren’t for fear of scaring her triplets, she would have gone out with a knife now.

‘D*mn you, Leila! That’s why she came to my office to look for me earlier today.

‘But wait a minute, how would Leila know that I have children? And how is she so sure that they are my children?

Daisie raised her hand and placed it on the back of her mother’s hand. “Don’t be angry, Mommy. It doesn’t hurt much. The reason I’m sad is that the children of other families are protected by their daddy, but I‘m not.”

Maisie’s heart skipped a beat, and her eyes dimmed. Although she could give her kids an incredible growth environment, they still lacked a father’s love.

She felt very sorry for the kids because she did not know how to tell them about their father.

After all, even she herself did not know anything about the man.

Waylon raised his head and asked earnestly, “Mommy, why did Daddy abandon us?”

Colton followed the flow and nodded. “Yes, yes, why doesn’t Daddy want us anymore?”

Maisie was about to say something when Daisie cried out loud next to her. “Boohoohoo, Daddy must’ve found himself another woman. That’s why he doesn’t want to be with Mommy and us. Boohoohoo.”

Colton and Waylon looked at each other.

‘Daisie’s acting skills are truly impeccable.’

“Don’t cry, Daisie, there’s no such thing. Your daddy didn’t abandon you.” Maisie had run out of ideas. She gently wiped the tears for her as she comforted her.

Daisie stopped crying and stared at her mother with her bloodshot eyes. “Really?”

Maisie bit the bullet and said with a grin, “Yes, why would your daddy abandon you?”

“Then why have you never told us anything about Daddy? Why did Daddy abandon us?”

Daisie was planning to continue her questioning barrage in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

Seeing that the three rugrats’ gazes were fixed on her, Maisie covered her mouth and became sad. “Let’s not continue with this topic anymore. I won’t mention your daddy to the three of you because your daddy died very young. I can imagine that weeds have fully covered his grave at this very moment.“

The three rugrats were rendered speechless.

‘Mommy, won’t that hurt your conscience!?’

Ryleigh’s call was connected while Maisie was thinking about ways to put off the three little rugrats. But she was safe now thanks to the phone call.

She got up and went to the balcony to answer the call. “I’m eating. What’s the matter?”

However, there was a strange man’s voice on the phone, “Are you a relative of Ms. Hill? We’re from the traffic police department…”

Maisie rushed to the precinct and saw Ryleigh sitting in a chair pitifully.

She took a deep breath and stepped forward. “Sis, what have you done?”

“I… I accidentally ran into someone else’s car, and it… It… It belongs to someone that I can’t afford to offend.”

She might have provoked a tiger with this accident. She would be skinned when she got back to her house if her father were to know about this incident.

Maisie looked at her. “Whose car did you hit?”

Ryleigh looked inside cautiously while a traffic policeman walked out of the office with two men politely.

That man was none other than Nolan Goldmann, a man that had been lingering around inexorably.

Maisie’s facial expression stiffened all of a sudden. She looked at Ryleigh and gnashed her teeth. “You’re really good at picking your victim, but why didn’t you kill him in the accident?”

Ryleigh’s eyebrows creased, and she claimed innocently, “I really didn’t mean it. I was in a hurry, who knows…”

She had been petrified when she ran into the Rolls-Royce, and she felt as if she had been struck by lightning when she saw the people in the car.

Nolan’s eyes dimmed slightly when he saw Maisie.

Especially the image that would not stop appearing in his mind when Willow approached him last night.

He walked toward them as his faint gaze fell onto her. “The guarantor that she gave us is you?”

Maisie smiled slightly. “Yes, this is my friend’s fault. Let’s just follow the procedure, Mr. Goldmann, just name the amount of compensation that you want.”

Nolan’s expression did not change at all. “The compensation is unnecessary. After all, the car is going to be written off already.”

‘Written off?’

Maisie looked at Ryleigh. “Is it that serious?”

Ryleigh shook her head, “No, there was a dent.”

Quincy, who was standing at the side, explained with a smirk, “Miss Vanderbilt, each and every car that Mr. Goldmann owns is always new and is never repaired or refurbished. Mr. Goldmann’s cars will be written off even if it’s only missing a screw.”

“So are you saying that you want my friend to buy you a brand new car?” Maisie’s expression turned gloomy in an instant.

Quincy sounded as if it was the right and proper thing to ask for. “It depends on the attitude that you emit at this very moment.”

“You…” Maisie was about to lose it while Ryleigh jerked the hem of her clothes hurriedly. There was no way that she could afford to pay for a new car.

Maisie knew that this man was not short of money, so it was only natural that he would not ask Ryleigh to compensate him with a brand new car. He was only doing so just to retaliate against herself.

“Judging from Miss Vanderbilt’s attitude, are you not satisfied with the offer?”

Nolan stared closely at her. He originally planned to hand this matter over to the traffic police and did not have the intention to make this woman pay for the whole car. It was just that he thought of what Willow had said to him last night and felt a little impetuous when he found out that the guarantor that she had summoned here was actually Maisie.

‘No one has ever affected my emotions to such an extent, not even a woman. However, I’ve made an exception and lost my cool because of the two kids, and I’m being affected by this woman right now?

‘Plus, did this woman really do something like that to Willow six years ago?

‘Then I would like to see what she would do for her so-called friend today.’


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